Smart Policy Can Make Long-Term Care More Accessible for Older Adults

Maine’s effort draws attention to the growing discrepancy between the needs of and resources for older adults. As Colorado experiences its own demographic changes, we must face this challenge head on.


The Irony of Middle Class Wages in Colorado

Coloradans in low-wage jobs are seeing pay bumps, but not enough to live a middle class lifestyle. For folks in jobs paying middle class wages, their wage gains aren't keeping up with costs.

higher education

Higher Education & Lower Public Investments

As pointed out in our Guide to Economic Mobility, the share of costs at Colorado’s public colleges and universities paid by students and families has doubled since 2000.

Banking Services

Could Automatic Enrollment Help Colorado’s Retirement Crisis?

When confronted with complex decisions, behavioral economics tells us the natural human reaction is to procrastinate. That's where automatic enrollment comes in.

colorado wages

Growth in Colorado Wages Promising, But Questions Linger

It looks like Colorado wages finally got the memo about the state's strong economic growth and near-record low unemployment.

Colorado Middle Class Families

Colorado Middle Class Families: Characteristics & Cost Pressures

A new study highlights a scary truth: Achieving a middle class lifestyle is impossible for most Colorado families with actual middle-income levels. Read the full findings now.

wage gains

A Deeper Look at Wage Gains in Colorado

New data show wage gains in Colorado are on the rise, but we have a lot of work to do to ensure economic growth is shared more broadly among all Coloradans.

California Court Case Could Have Implications for Colorado Workers

With all of the distractions of the 2018 legislative session, Colorado's policymakers may have missed an important court case in California. The decision could have major implications for how workers are treated in the new economy.

two-gen bills

Two-Gen Bills: What Did & Did Not Pass During 2018 Legislative Session

Lawmakers passed 12 of the 18 two-gen bills we highlighted, and five have already been signed into law. Bills emphasizing early childhood education, child care, and strategies to boost children’s outcomes were more successful than those primarily focusing on parents.  

2018 legislative session

Bell President Reflects on 2018 Legislative Session

While we and our many partners advocated for practical proposals to help struggling Coloradans, a slew of great ideas met their end in the Senate’s State Affairs committee in the 2018 legislative session.