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2021 Legislative Session Preview
Restoring last year’s $3.3 billion worth of cuts will not be enough for the 2021 legislative session. Investing above and beyond where we were in 2019 is crucial to ensuring a Colorado that works for everyone.
Credit and debt
Colorado OFE Can Create a Road Toward Financial Stability
By creating a statewide office of financial empowerment, we can create the systemic solutions needed to help Coloradans across the economic spectrum.
How Financial Empowerment Can Help Colorado's COVID Recovery
A statewide office of financial empowerment can provide crucial assistance to struggling residents as Colorado recovers from COVID-19.
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Headlines from the Colorado Tax Report

Colorado’s report on what taxes look like in our state sheds some light on the problems within our tax code. Here are the important takeaways.

A Perspective on Financial Empowerment: Q&A with Kat Traylor

Kat Traylor provides her perspective on what must be done to address disparities within Colorado’s financial system.

colorado retirement crisis, colorado low-income families

Financial Empowerment in Practice: Q&A with Dr. Barbara Freeman

Dr. Barbara Freeman shares stories of lived experiences showing why Colorado urgently needs a statewide strategy for financial empowerment.

Prop 118 is a Major Win for Colorado Families

Proposition 118 is a huge win for Colorado families and positions our state as a leader in expanding truly universal portable benefits.

pay your tax now (tax fairness)

The 2020 Election & Colorado’s Fiscal Future

Measures passed in Colorado as part of the 2020 election will change Colorado’s fiscal picture into the future. What does that mean for our taxes and our state’s budget?

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