Closed sign (unemployment in Colorado)
What We Know About Unemployment in Colorado
By examining unemployment insurance claims data, we see COVID's outsized impact on Colorado women, older and younger workers, and those from communities of color.
Colorado Needs Federal COVID Relief
Many of the previous provisions of federal COVID relief have expired leading to dire economic straits for hundreds of thousands of Coloradans. Without a new relief package, Coloradans will suffer.
Student Debt Legislation in Colorado
Missing from Fiscal Reform & the Ballot: Tax Fairness
For the Bell Policy Center, our commitment to tax fairness isn’t just a political innovation -- it's a recognition of the degrading effects economic stratification and inequality have had on our communities.
financial empowerment

Emergency Protections: Debt Collection in the COVID-19 Crisis

Colorado passed emergency debt collection protections in June. Know your rights and the next steps for protecting Colorado consumers.

better days are coming, hang in there (Colorado's bumpy road to recovery)

Colorado’s Bumpy Road to Recovery

Colorado still has a long way to go in employment and worker safety, public fiscal strength, health, consumer protection and financial empowerment, housing, and business recovery.

caregiving holding hands

Caregiving in Colorado: An Overview of the Bell’s Recent Work

Since the release of the Respite Care Task Force’s recommendations in 2016, the Bell has assisted on efforts to implement these changes and raise awareness about the growing need to support caregivers.

Colorado’s Racial Wealth Gap: Wages & Labor

The final brief in the Bell’s current racial wealth gap series examines the reality of wages and occupations by race in Colorado and how the history of American labor relations has shaped this reality.

SB20-207: Needed Changes to Unemployment Insurance for Colorado’s Recovery

Colorado can not afford to further damage our economy by putting workers at risk, risking long-term insolvency to our Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund, and burdening businesses in the short term.

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