family security

Briefed by the Bell — Family Security

For many Coloradans, taking time off to meet family care needs comes with the constant fear of losing a paycheck or job.

Banking Services

Could Automatic Enrollment Help Colorado’s Retirement Crisis?

When confronted with complex decisions, behavioral economics tells us the natural human reaction is to procrastinate. That's where automatic enrollment comes in.

colorado wages

Growth in Colorado Wages Promising, But Questions Linger

It looks like Colorado wages finally got the memo about the state's strong economic growth and near-record low unemployment.

Briefed By The Bell Wages

Briefed by the Bell — Wages

Stagnant wages only compound the financial burden of other necessities, like child care, housing, a college education, and health care.

Colorado Middle Class Families

Colorado Middle Class Families: Characteristics & Cost Pressures

A new study highlights a scary truth: Achieving a middle class lifestyle is impossible for most Colorado families with actual middle-income levels. Read the full findings now.

wage gains

A Deeper Look at Wage Gains in Colorado

New data show wage gains in Colorado are on the rise, but we have a lot of work to do to ensure economic growth is shared more broadly among all Coloradans.