Graphic of a bell with a silhouette of a person inside, symbolizing economic mobility.

Tax Fairness & Economic Mobility in Colorado

Colorado needs a fairer tax code that provides relief to regular people and makes sure the wealthy pay their fair share. That change starts with you.

A $100 bill folded into the shape of a house against a black background, symbolizing property tax.

Property Tax Resources

Recently published resources to give legislators, press, and public the information they need to make informed decisions on property taxes in Colorado.

A stylized illustration of a giant hand placing a house atop a pile of currency to represent Property Tax Ballot Initiatives, with a gold and cream background.

Property Tax Ballot Initiatives: Three Shades of Red

Amid the property tax debate, numerous price cap initiatives have been proposed. We assess these & the financial harm they may bring to Colorado communities.

Illustration of a single-story house with property tax information on a yellow textured background.

Demystifying the Property Tax Debate

With the need for action growing across Colorado, we examine the methods of addressing rising property taxes that are currently being discussed, and which direction we should take.

An illustrated tool box with a variety of tools on a background patterned with buildings and Hennepin County property tax information.

Luxury Residential Property: The Missing Tool From Colorado’s Toolbox

Colorado needs new, progressive tools to provide targeted tax relief without cutting funding to community services.

Graphic for a video segment titled "One Minute on Colorado's Budget" with a play button icon.

One minute on Colorado’s Budget

View our full budget breakdown below.

Government budget overlaid on an image of the Colorado State Capitol building.

Colorado 2022-23 Budget Breakdown

We demystify Colorado's 2022-23 budget proposal to cut through the noise and provide the information you need.