NOPE neon sign, Prop 117

Amendment 74 is Wrong for Colorado

Voting no on Amendment 74 is the only logical response given the evidence in front of us.

Colorado 2018 Ballot Guide, American Flag

2018 Colorado Ballot Guide: #VoteSmart With Bell Analysis & Recommendations

This November, Coloradans have some big decisions to make and the ballot will be extensive; that's why we're proud to share a comprehensive guide covering each statewide question voters will see on Election Day.

A person providing Golden Year Caregiving by pushing an elderly individual in a motorized wheelchair outdoors in a sunny setting.

Growth in Golden Year Caregiving

Recent research shows adult children are most likely to provide care for aging parents when they themselves are in their golden years.

predatory economy, briefed by the bell

Briefed by the Bell — Predatory Economy

The predatory economy is at work in Colorado. The question now is what will our policymakers do to stop it?

colorado workers

3 Ways to Boost Pay for Colorado Workers

Colorado workers would benefit from these three actions to raise pay. Will policymakers act?