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A Year in Covid

Making the Invisible Visible: A Year of COVID

Inequity defines the past year of COVID-19, but it was only shining a light on decades of inequity that have long lingered in Colorado.

Warehouse worker in Aurora using a tablet for inventory management.

Aurora Workers Benefited by Minimum Wage Increase

We estimate the current proposal will benefit 30,000 workers in 2021 and over 68,000 by 2027.

better days are coming, hang in there (Colorado's bumpy road to recovery)

Colorado’s Bumpy Road to Recovery

Colorado still has a long way to go in employment and worker safety, public fiscal strength, health, consumer protection and financial empowerment, housing, and business recovery.

Multiple blank employment application forms, a pen, and SB20-207 information regarding Colorado's recovery and unemployment insurance.

SB20-207: Needed Changes to Unemployment Insurance for Colorado’s Recovery

Colorado can not afford to further damage our economy by putting workers at risk, risking long-term insolvency to our Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund, and burdening businesses in the short term.

A stop sign with an added sign below it that reads "Colorado eviction," against a blank background, highlighting the ongoing rental crisis.

Colorado’s Looming Eviction & Rental Crisis

By September, nearly 420,000 Coloradans will be at risk of evictions, having accumulated nearly $765 million in rental debt. Unless action is taken, Colorado could experience an eviction and rental crisis larger than the Great Recession.

colorado state budget growth

Has the Colorado State Budget Grown?

As Colorado continues to have conversations about growth in the state budget (or lack thereof), the Bell is breaking down some of the key principles and approaches to measuring growth.

A young child walks ahead on a dirt path while two adults discuss policy proposals follow behind, amidst a backdrop of trees.

2020 Policy Proposals: Working Family Tax Credits

The programs once championed by Republican presidents and Republican congresses have become the staple of 2020 Democratic presidential proposals.

colorado housing legislation

Checking In: Colorado Housing Legislation

Read an overview of housing legislation in the 2019 session and the potential benefits for Coloradans and the future of our economy.

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