A piggy bank beside a broken coin with a compass, on a backdrop featuring the phrase "who pays taxes" in large letters.

Who Pays?

This two-part series explores the stark and complex differences in taxing across Colorado.

A magnifying glass focusing on local ballot measures, symbolized by numbered icons, examines these pivotal local ballot measures in detail.

Local Ballot Measures

A closer look at three measures up for a vote in the November election.

A hand casting a ballot in a vote box with a 2023 Colorado Ballot Guide poster featuring Proposition HH in the background.

2023 Colorado Ballot Guide

As November elections approach, the Bell's 2023 Colorado Ballot Guide helps voters navigate the impacts each measure will have on our state.

Promotional graphic for Colorado Child Care Assistance Program with two adults and a child near a playground slide.

In The Know: The Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP)

CCCAP requires cooperation across federal, state, and local governments, providers, and families.

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