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Testimony: Support Extending Income Tax Credits for Child Care

Over time, Colorado has consistently been rated as a state where child care was least affordable for families. On average, in 2016 it cost $11,000 per year for a 4-year-old and nearly $15,000 for an infant in full-time, center-based child care.

Small Loans Fuel Big Dreams

“Some people don’t want to give you an opportunity. You have to build your own bridges.”

Testimony: Support SB17-118 Greater Transparency on Private Occupational Schools

The bottom line is this: Coloradans need postsecondary training and credentials to enter or stay in the middle class.

For-Profit College Students: Low Completion, High Student Debt

Poor outcomes at for-profit schools are hitting low-income students and ethnic and racial minorities the hardest.

High-Risk Pools: What To Know

This year on Groundhog Day, I’m contemplating a health policy idea that ought to go back into hiding: high-risk pools.