Bar chart depicting the effective state and local tax rates by income group for the year 2015, showing a "Double Whammy" trend with higher rates for lower incomes and vice versa.

Proposition 116 is a Double Whammy

Proposition 116 will give a big tax cut to the wealthy while causing all Coloradans to lose significantly more in state services.

higher education in colorado

Actionable Agenda for the Future of Work & Learning

When implemented, these changes can lead to better outcomes for Coloradans who have been historically disadvantaged, while also helping build a workforce that is better prepared, more resilient, and more responsive to future needs.

colorado taxes

COVID-19’s Impact on Colorado’s Budget: Important Takeaways

After reviewing Colorado's economic forecast, here are five key takeaways from COVID-19's impact on the state budget.

Warehouse worker in Aurora using a tablet for inventory management.

Aurora Workers Benefited by Minimum Wage Increase

We estimate the current proposal will benefit 30,000 workers in 2021 and over 68,000 by 2027.

Chefs preparing meals in a busy restaurant kitchen, often considered low-wage jobs.

Colorado UI Update: September 10

Examining UI claims helps us see COVID's specific impacts across demographics, allowing us to build the tailored economic response we need for a strong recovery.

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