Person holding a yellow gear piece near other interlocking gears related to TABOR Rebates.

TABOR Rebates: Finding Fairness in an Unfair System

How tax revenue that comes in over the revenue cap gets sent to taxpayers and why the current system isn’t working for most Coloradans.

Teacher holding flashcards engages with young students in a classroom setting, incorporating the Cost of Care Model into the lesson.

Quality Child Care in Colorado: A Cost Study

This three-part series analyzes the costs of child care in Colorado in order to understand what it takes to have a quality system that works for everyone.

Silhouette of an orphan oil pump jack at sunset.

Beneath the Surface: How Orphan Oil Wells Could Overwhelm Colorado’s Budget

A fiscal problem lurks “beneath the surface” in Colorado. Without real reform, Colorado could be on the hook for over $8 billion worth of work to plug current oil and gas wells.

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