Illustration of numerous raised hands reaching for financial symbols like dollar signs and arrows pointing upwards, suggesting a concept like economic growth, investment, or financial aspirations.

What’s Really Driving Inflation & How Should We Talk About It?

As inflation continues to squeeze Coloradans across the state, we analyze what's really driving global price increases.

A collage of discount and sale signs designed to resemble fiscal policy benefits, suggesting savings on budget-related public expenses like taxes and fees.

‘Saving People Money’ Can Be a Double-edged Sword

Colorado’s budget is heading toward a structural deficit. Only a shift in fiscal policy will ensure the state can fund priorities.

Sepia-toned illustration of a capitol-like building with ARPA funding, featuring a tower of assorted chairs protruding from its dome, against a radiating line background.

Federal rescue funds show Colorado what an adequate budget looks like

The federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) gave Colorado lawmakers an unprecedented amount of funds to invest in our state. Here's where it went.

A sepia-toned collage blending images of people, architecture, and text, creating an abstract representation of culture and tax relief.

How Colorado’s Legislature Targeted Relief in 2022

We look at how Colorado's legislature utilized the state's temporarily expanded revenue base to target relief to those who need it.