Graduation caps worn by students at a commencement ceremony, symbolizing the fallout of recent education policy changes.

The Fallout of the DeVos Delay

These regulations hold for-profit institutions accountable, something students desperately need given the landscape. In the past, deceptive marketing tactics at some for-profit schools harmed students' potential by churning out graduates with half-decent job prospects.

Financial Protection and Empowerment

CFPB Forced Arbitration Rule Protects Consumers

Without the CFPB forced arbitration rule, power will remain with big banks and Wall Street. With it, the CFPB rule will hold bad actors accountable and send a strong signal to other firms to not follow suit.

Red "emergency" sign on the exterior of a Colorado hospital building.

Colorado Stays Focused on Rising Costs

In 2015, health costs represented nearly 10 percent of Coloradans median incomes and grew at a faster pace than wages. This trend is projected to continue: By the end of the decade, health care costs will grow by 7 percent per year in Colorado.

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