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New Tax Reform Package Introduced: What’s Inside?

When we have a tax code that doesn’t adequately fund public services going forward — even though Colorado currently has a good budget picture, that will not last forever — then it doesn’t work for the majority of Coloradans.

Keeping an Eye on the Colorado Ballot

There could be some fiscal measures on the ballot that would set Colorado back economically. Here is what we are watching, and what the consequences could be.

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A Year of COVID: The Economy

COVID-19 has revealed significant problems in our economic system. We cannot ignore the struggles of the many just because the larger economy is doing well.

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Tax Credits for Working Families

Targeted tax credits are important parts of supporting working families. Here are is some information about two of the biggest ones.

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Headlines from the Colorado Tax Report

Colorado's report on what taxes look like in our state sheds some light on the problems within our tax code. Here are the important takeaways.

pay your tax now (tax fairness)

The 2020 Election & Colorado’s Fiscal Future

Measures passed in Colorado as part of the 2020 election will change Colorado's fiscal picture into the future. What does that mean for our taxes and our state's budget?

Tired of Local Regressive Tax Choices? Amendment B Would Help

Colorado's constitutional property tax limits have forced local governments to use regressive taxes and have strained state budget resources. Amendment B would help.

Enterprise Funds & Revenue chart (Prop 117)

Prop 117 is Bad for Colorado’s Democracy

Proposition 117 would allow dark money and special interests to distort the issues in a way that would hurt the democratic process.

Proposition 116 is a Double Whammy

Proposition 116 will give a big tax cut to the wealthy while causing all Coloradans to lose significantly more in state services.

Colorado Needs Federal COVID Relief

Many of the previous provisions of federal COVID relief have expired leading to dire economic straits for hundreds of thousands of Coloradans. Without a new relief package, Coloradans will suffer.