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Nope Amendment 74 Colorado

What Just Happened? We Can’t “Just Prioritize”

What do two new bills in the Colorado's state Senate say about our state's future funding choices? Nothing and everything.

2020 legislative session

What Just Happened? 10 Opening Day Quotes & What They Mean

What just happened? A guide to deciphering opening day legislative speeches and what they mean for the session to come.

colorado taxes

6 Things to Know When Talking About Colorado Taxes

If you're trying to understand the issues underlying tax policy in Colorado, keep these six basics in mind.

2020 legislative session

2020 Legislative Session: What You Should Know

The 2020 legislative session is upon us. Here is a preview of what to expect on the economic mobility front.

2020 legislative session

Governor Polis’ 2020 Budget Proposal

Gov. Polis submitted his budget proposal to the state legislature that outlines his priorities for the next year. Here's what you need to know.

What 2020 Senate Candidates Aren’t Talking About… Yet

The candidates have staked positions on topics from climate change to gun control, but many other important issues still need to be addressed.

2020 Policy Proposals: K-12 Education

Democratic presidential hopefuls are sharing their plans to do more for K-12 education. How does Colorado factor in?

2020 Policy Proposals: Child Care & Early Childhood Education

Democratic presidential candidates are focused on child care. What are they proposing and what has Colorado already done to help families?

oregon portable benefits

Universal Portable Benefits: The Oregon Model

Oregon has set up a paid family and medical leave program alongside a successful retirement security plan. What can Colorado learn from these universal portable benefit models?

Cut Taxes, Raise Revenue: Can Illinois’ Tax Plan Work for Colorado?

Illinois is proposing a new tax plan that will help fund important investments. What should Colorado take away from this conversation?