NOPE neon sign, Prop 117

What Just Happened? We Can’t “Just Prioritize”

What do two new bills in the Colorado's state Senate say about our state's future funding choices? Nothing and everything.

school to prison pipeline colorado

Colorado’s Racial Wealth Gap: Mass Incarceration & the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Mass incarceration is both a product and cause of the racial wealth gap. This brief examines the policies and history that created and continue trends affecting Coloradans of color.

Healthcare professional from the direct care workforce taking an elderly woman's blood pressure in a home setting in Colorado.

Colorado’s Direct Care Workforce

As Colorado ages, demand for these workers is growing. Counterintuitively, wages remain abysmally low despite the importance of these roles.

2020 legislative session

What Just Happened? 10 Opening Day Quotes & What They Mean

What just happened? A guide to deciphering opening day legislative speeches and what they mean for the session to come.

financial empowerment

Financial Empowerment: A Track Record of Success

Cities and towns across the country are witnessing the impacts a lack of financial well-being has on the entire community. And they're taking action.

colorado taxes

6 Things to Know When Talking About Colorado Taxes

If you're trying to understand the issues underlying tax policy in Colorado, keep these six basics in mind.

alternative work arrangements in colorado, bell policy center

The Future of Work: Alternative Work Arrangements in Colorado

This new report maps the landscape of alternative work arrangements in Colorado. Its findings highlight the prominence of the alternative workforce and the importance of protecting these workers in future policy.