financial empowerment

Why Access to Credit & Safe Banking Matters

Colorado has a two-tiered financial system. It is rooted In, and continues to reinforce, barriers to building wealth for low- and middle-income families.

A mother and her three children engaged in an outdoor arts and crafts activity as part of the Expand Pilot Program.

Supporting Early Child Care Educators Through HB20-1053

HB20-1053 offers one strong step forward in addressing the recruitment and retention of early childhood education educators.

aging in colorado

Actionable Aging Policy Agenda

Colorado must act now to create the age-friendly policies our state needs. These recommendations offer a meaningful, community-informed path forward.

financial empowerment, what is economic mobility

Secure Savings: How the Racial Wealth Gap Manifests for Older Coloradans

While Secure Savings alone will not close Colorado’s racial wealth gap, it will go a long way toward building assets and security for all Coloradans — particularly Coloradans of color — in retirement.


Quick Facts: A Fair Tax for Colorado

Colorado has a significantly regressive tax structure, where the wealthy pay much less in taxes than low-income Coloradans. See how a proposal for a fair tax could help.