Inflation and Colorado’s Middle Class

This three-part series explains what inflation is, it's root causes, and the specific impacts it has on the budgets of Colorado's residents and government.

TABOR Rebate History

As Colorado is in the midst of historic TABOR rebates, it is important to understand the larger context and how lawfully collected tax revenue has historically been used.

Caring Workforce Thumb

Caring Workforce Primer

Despite their importance, the caring workforce remains undervalued and without the tools to meet the growing need for care. This analysis provides the foundation for understanding the larger caring workforce, opportunities and challenges they face, and potential avenues for future research and analysis.

2022 Ballot Guide Thumb

2022 Colorado Ballot Guide

As November elections approach, the Bell's 2022 Colorado Ballot Guide is here to voters navigate the impacts each measure will have on our state.

Medicaid Brief Thumbnail

Policy Deep Dive: Aging Coloradans & The Caring Workforce

We explore how specific issues within Colorado's Medicaid policy financially impair aging Coloradans and drive caring workforce shortages.

Gas Price Image

Gas Prices in Colorado

We explore the cost drivers associated with gasoline, and how globally high oil prices are impacting the everyday lives of Coloradans.

Colorado Housing Primer

We break down the causes, trends, and impacts of Colorado's growing affordable housing crisis.


A collection of quick factsheets on the issues impacting Coloradans' lives and the political narratives that form around them.

What’s Really Driving Inflation & How Should We Talk About It?

As inflation continues to squeeze Coloradans across the state, we analyze what's really driving global price increases.

‘Saving People Money’ Can Be a Double-edged Sword

Colorado’s budget is heading toward a structural deficit. Only a shift in fiscal policy will ensure the state can fund priorities.