TABOR Surplus Outlook

Updated data on TABOR surpluses and how upcoming ballot measures will influence the distribution of funds, shaping the future of tax rebates in Colorado.

2023 Colorado Legislative Session Recap

Recapping the 2023 Colorado legislative session, the Bell Policy Center analyzes wins, lessons learned, and what's to come.

Affordability of Care in Colorado

The high cost of child care and direct care remains a barrier for many families. This brief looks at what is driving high costs and what solutions may be available.

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Colorado’s 2023-2024 Budget

We dig into Colorado's new $40 billion state budget to assess what it says about the state’s opportunities, challenges, and priorities.

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Accessibility of Care in Colorado

Care provided across generations, whether direct caregiving or early childhood education, is crucial to our communities. Yet, for many, it remains elusive.

Measuring Adequacy: Funding & State Services

When it comes to funding state services, how much revenue is enough? In this brief, the Bell & Colorado Fiscal Institute team up to answer that question.

Colorado’s Universal Preschool Program

This report examines the new Colorado Universal Preschool Program, how it works, and how it will impact families and the wider child care ecosystem.

Colorado’s Revenue Base – 2023 Update

New data & insights on Colorado's tax revenue base, focusing on K-12 funding, and assessing whether our state is prepared for future recessions.

Responding to Crime in Colorado: A Focus on Economic Mobility and Community- Based Solutions

This report examines community-based initiatives working to reduce crime in Colorado and advance economic mobility for justice system-impacted individuals.

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Alternative Charge Loans Overview

Alternative charge loans have evaded regulations on predatory lending products in Colorado. This blog looks at what they are and what can be done.