In The Know: New Protections for Colorado Consumers

Colorado consumers will have important new protections thanks to the passing of HB23-1229.

Quality of care is an important piece of a thriving care economy.

Quality of Care

Quality care, whether it is direct care for older adults and people with disabilities, or early childhood education, is critical for communities.

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Don’t Be Fooled: Initiative 50 is not the answer

Initiative 50 is the wrong direction for Colorado. It's the typical snake oil from the usual suspects.

Proposition HH is not a tax rate increase.

Questions and Answers On Proposition HH

The Bell explores this measure, which will be on the November ballot

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Referred Ballot Measure: Prop II

Proposition II, on the 2023 ballot, could add a significant amount of funding for universal prek in Colorado.

Debt & Lending Landscape in Colorado

A comprehensive examination of debt in Colorado assessing historical trends and the unequal distribution of debt across demographic and geographic lines.

Pandemic Policy Making and the Return to Status Quo​

During the COVID pandemic, poverty levels dropped. We explore this paradox, why it happened, and how that progress is now being undone.

Real Wages Thumb

Real Wages in Colorado

Learn how high inflation impacts Colorado's real wages, uncovering the uneven distribution of wage growth that negatively affects lower income Coloradans.

Colorado Homes

The Bell Supports Proposition HH: Property Tax Relief That Helps Schools

Learn how Proposition HH can provide needed tax relief to Colorado homeowners without cutting funding for schools and other services.

TABOR Surplus Outlook

Updated data on TABOR surpluses and how upcoming ballot measures will influence the distribution of funds, shaping the future of tax rebates in Colorado.