Broken piggy bank with coins spilled out, symbolizing the urgency for the Colorado Secure Savings Plan debated in HB17-1290 testimony.

Testimony: Support HB17-1290 to Create Colorado Secure Savings Plan

In a 2016 study, we found almost 900,000 Colorado private sector workers in their prime working years are not participating in any type of retirement savings plans at work.

exchange death spirals

Reports of Exchange Death Spirals Greatly Exaggerated

They have not always functioned smoothly, but there are signs they are currently stable. They have also been instrumental in helping many people get affordable health insurance.

Woman working as a trusted nurse at a desk with headphones in an office environment.

Trusted Nurse Advice Drives Healthy Decisions

One of the little-known programs within Colorado’s Medicaid program is the Nurse Advice Line, a free service to Medicaid members provided by a team of nurses at Denver Health.

A weathered brick wall with the phrase "until debt tear us apart" stenciled on it above a lone, empty bench, hinting at the importance of secure savings.

Low Fees Essential to Secure Savings Success

The fees that would be charged on the Secure Savings Plan are much lower than what small employers with low-wage workers currently pay in the market place. These are the very employers least likely to offer workplace retirement savings plans in Colorado.

Red telephone handset with coiled cord on a white background, serving as a testimony to the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Testimony: Preserve & Strengthen Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

The most effective way to ensure that Coloradans are not hounded for debts they do not owe, have contested, or paid off is to require debt collectors meet a “proof of debt” standard before attempting any collection action.

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