Student Debt Legislation in Colorado

Missing from Fiscal Reform & the Ballot: Tax Fairness

For the Bell Policy Center, our commitment to tax fairness isn’t just a political innovation -- it's a recognition of the degrading effects economic stratification and inequality have had on our communities.

financial empowerment

Emergency Protections: Debt Collection in the COVID-19 Crisis

Colorado passed emergency debt collection protections in June. Know your rights and the next steps for protecting Colorado consumers.

books ascending in size (stackable credential program)

Creating Stackable Credential Programs

This study outlines steps taken in the financial services stackable credentials program, but the lessons learned are transferable across a number of industries. The work here helps Colorado build a more equitable workforce and future.

better days are coming, hang in there (Colorado's bumpy road to recovery)

Colorado’s Bumpy Road to Recovery

Colorado still has a long way to go in employment and worker safety, public fiscal strength, health, consumer protection and financial empowerment, housing, and business recovery.