Pandemic Policy Making and the Return to Status Quo​

During the COVID pandemic, poverty levels dropped. We explore this paradox, why it happened, and how that progress is now being undone.

Colorado Homes

Proposition HH: Property Tax Relief That Doesn’t Hurt Public Services

Learn how Proposition HH can provide needed tax relief to Colorado homeowners without cutting funding for schools and other services.

Real Wages Thumb

Real Wages in Colorado

Real Wages in Colorado Report after report have informed us about the effects of persistently high inflation, and they are...

Zoning & Land Use Reform

Zoning & Land Use Reform

We look at the zoning and land use regulations exist and how they can be reformed to address Colorado's housing crisis.

Jan. 2023 Polling on a Fairer Tax Code

New polling shows Coloradans strongly favor increased public funding for key priorities and overwhelmingly support a fairer tax system.

Tax Fairness & Economic Mobility in Colorado

Colorado needs a fairer tax code that provides relief to regular people and makes sure the wealthy pay their fair share. That change starts with you.

One minute on Colorado’s Budget

View our full budget breakdown below.



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