Abstract geometric artwork with metallic textures and Colorado's Housing Crisis architectural elements.

Legislative Response to Colorado’s Housing Crisis

With housing in Colorado becoming increasingly inaccessible, legislators made new investments and utilized one-time federal funds to address Colorado's ongoing housing crisis.

Illustration of a student's journey through Colorado postsecondary education: studying and researching, graduating amid college debt, and giving a presentation.

What’s Next for Postsecondary Education and Colorado’s Workforce?

New investments made during the 2022 legislative session will increase access to postsecondary education in Colorado and help ensure that students find meaningful careers upon graduating.

A collage depicting various aspects of society, including childcare, healthcare, architecture, and legislative session.

2022 Legislative Session Recap

With the 2022 legislative session at its end, we look back at the various storylines that emerged, the progress made, and what remains to be done.

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