Tax Bill

Tax Bill Mismatched to Our Economic Needs

Will Colorado stick with the same ideology that spawned the GOP tax plan, or will we finally decide to pursue progressive tax policies that ensure economic mobility for every Coloradan?


A Deadly Combo: GOP Tax Plan Meets PROSPER

More than ever, Coloradans need their elected officials to act responsibly, rather than gambling hard-working students’ opportunity to earn a good life.

retirement in colorado

If Oregon Can Help Workers Save for Retirement, So Can Colorado

As Oregon leads the way, Colorado should take note: Our state's retirement crisis is a problem we can solve if we work together to find solutions.

Taxman Podcast

About That “Taxman” Podcast…

"The Taxman" podcast by CPR is a Rorschach test: For those who know about TABOR’s perils, it affirms their opposition, and to those who support it, the piece serves to strengthen their view of anti-tax activists.