President signing an overtime pay bill into law at a desk with onlookers observing the ceremony.

Reform of Overtime Rules Blocked

This means fewer salary workers will be paid overtime for the work they do beyond 40 hours per week, making it harder for lower- and moderate-income workers to get ahead.

Woman giving a speech at a podium for-profit colleges.

Fair Lending for a Thriving Colorado Members Pen Letter to Betsy DeVos

Members of the Fair Lending for a Thriving Colorado coalition call on Secretary DeVos to protect student borrowers from predatory loan servicers.

A brick house with a sold sign on the front lawn, symbolizing homeownership hopes amidst student debt.

Student Debt Dashes Hopes for Homeownership

New data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York shows those with student loan debt are less likely to own a home in their early thirties than those who didn't take on as much debt. 

A toy robot holding a ram module stands next to a laptop computer, showcasing what to know about technology integration.

Robots: Where They Are & What To Know

A recent Denver Post article points to the role robots play in Colorado and poses an important question as we move toward an age of automation: Will robots replace us?

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