Miniature red house surrounded by coins on a gray background, amendment b.

Tired of Local Regressive Tax Choices? Amendment B Would Help

Colorado's constitutional property tax limits have forced local governments to use regressive taxes and have strained state budget resources. Amendment B would help.

Enterprise Funds & Revenue chart (Prop 117)

Prop 117 is Bad for Colorado’s Democracy

Proposition 117 would allow dark money and special interests to distort the issues in a way that would hurt the democratic process.

White chalk question mark on Colorado's middle class blackboard.

Questions We’ve Gotten About 2020 Ballot Measures

Given how critical many of the 2020 ballot questions are to the future of Colorado, we decided to answer some of the more common questions we've heard about the issues.

Colorado Voters

2020 Ballot Guide: Analysis & Recommendations

With 11 statewide measures on Colorado's ballot this year, the Bell Policy Center's 2020 Ballot Guide provides expert analysis and in-depth recommendations for voters.

woman cleaning with mask and gloves COVID

Colorado UI Update: October 1

UI numbers through August continue to show the disproportionate economic impact of this virus on Black and American Indian workers.