I voted" stickers on a metal surface, symbolizing participation in the election guided by the 2016 Ballot Guide.

2016 Ballot Guide

Each election cycle, we examine the statewide ballot measures and make recommendations based on the values that drive our work. Here is our take on 2016 ballot measures.

An empty lecture hall with rows of wooden seats, higher tuition costs noted on a blackboard at the front.

What’s Really Driving Higher Tuition Costs?

Tuition increases over the last several years have been primarily driven by significant reductions in state funding for public higher education.

A younger person offering informal caregiving through holding an elderly person's hand, providing comfort and support.

Informal Caregiving Costs Billions in Colorado & It’s Growing

Approximately 1 out of every 10 Coloradans is informally caring for an individual age 50 or older.

Students studying in a large, well-lit library with wooden tables and shelves filled with books, many of whom are Post-Traditional Adult Students.

Post-Traditional Adult Students Key to Closing Colorado’s Skills Gap

Working-age adults already represent a substantial share of all undergraduates nationwide and are a key part of a demographic shift with important implications for how postsecondary education is structured and delivered.

Colorado's Minimum Wage

Raising the Minimum Wage Won’t Hurt Colorado Jobs

A recent study claimed raising Colorado's minimum wage to $12 by 2020 would result in 90,000 jobs lost; this has been debunked.

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