Two people in Colorado sitting together, inserting coins into a pink piggy bank, discussing the updated data on the retirement crisis.

The Racial Wealth Gap: A Primer

Despite some progress on racial equality since the 1950s, America's economy lags behind. Has our country really grown more inclusive and equitable?

colorado retirement crisis, colorado low-income families

Colorado’s Retirement Crisis: Updated Data & Analysis

Nearly one million Colorado private sector employees in their prime working years don’t participate in a workplace retirement plan. Learn more with our latest data and analysis.

colorado state budget growth

Has the Colorado State Budget Grown?

As Colorado continues to have conversations about growth in the state budget (or lack thereof), the Bell is breaking down some of the key principles and approaches to measuring growth.

predatory payday lending in Colorado, payday loans

Capping Interest Rates at 36% Is Just the Beginning

Pushing back on one predatory product is not enough to create safe, affordable access to banking and loans. We have the opportunity to do more.

Silhouetted figures against a backlit American flag, contemplating the 2020 Policy Proposals.

November 2019 Ballot Guide

It’s that time again: This November, Coloradans have some big decisions to make. The Bell's recommendations and analysis are here to help.

two-generation bell policy center

Two-Generation Approaches Are Critical to Colorado’s Success

Listening to the challenges of student parents is a reminder that Colorado cannot advance the outcomes of children if it cannot help parents overcome barriers to their own advancement.

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