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A magnifying glass scrutinizes a hundred-dollar bill against a backdrop with a warning message about Initiative 50.

Don’t Be Fooled: Initiative 50 is not the answer

Initiative 50 is the wrong direction for Colorado. It's the typical snake oil from the usual suspects.

Measuring Adequacy: Funding & State Services

When it comes to funding state services, how much revenue is enough? In this brief, the Bell & Colorado Fiscal Institute team up to answer that question.

Sepia-toned collage depicting Colorado's Revenue Base, with various textures and objects, possibly vintage in style.

Colorado’s Revenue Base – 2023 Update

New data & insights on Colorado's tax revenue base, focusing on K-12 funding, and assessing whether our state is prepared for future recessions.

An artistic collage featuring a senior man looking towards the camera and a person in a beanie engrossed in reading about crime in Colorado, set against a backdrop of graphic patterns and flowers.

Responding to Crime in Colorado: A Focus on Economic Mobility and Community- Based Solutions

This report examines community-based initiatives working to reduce crime in Colorado and advance economic mobility for justice system-impacted individuals.

Close-up of a blurred financial document related to Colorado taxes poll with selective focus on percentages and monetary values.

Jan. 2023 Polling on a Fairer Tax Code

New polling shows Coloradans strongly favor increased public funding for key priorities and overwhelmingly support a fairer tax system.

Collage of various travel and urban elements with a Colorado inflation vintage filter overlay.

Inflation and Colorado’s Middle Class

This three-part series explains what inflation is, it's root causes, and the specific impacts it has on the budgets of Colorado's residents and government.

2022 Ballot Guide Thumb

2022 Colorado Ballot Guide

As November elections approach, the Bell's 2022 Colorado Ballot Guide is here to voters navigate the impacts each measure will have on our state.

Gas Price Image

Gas Prices in Colorado

We explore the cost drivers associated with gasoline, and how globally high oil prices are impacting the everyday lives of Coloradans.

Graphic illustration depicting a human head silhouette with a lightbulb above, symbolizing ideas or knowledge, alongside the text "the bell policy center" and "in the know about Colorado issues.


A collection of quick factsheets on the issues impacting Coloradans' lives and the political narratives that form around them.

A collage depicting various aspects of society, including childcare, healthcare, architecture, and legislative session.

2022 Legislative Session Recap

With the 2022 legislative session at its end, we look back at the various storylines that emerged, the progress made, and what remains to be done.