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Highlights From Beyond the Boom: Telling the Story of Economic Mobility in Colorado

Although headlines continually boast Colorado's preeminent position as a top state economy, our Guide to Economic Mobility shows there is more to the story. To explore this further, we hosted a panel discussion with local journalists to go beyond the boom.

FAMLI, Colorado paid leave

Testimony: Support FAMLI to Give Colorado Workers Paid Leave

Older workers take more leave than younger workers, particularly for self-care. If that leave is unpaid, which is disproportionately the case for workers with lower levels of income and education, it sets them up for economic distress just when they might be prepping for retirement.

predatory payday lending in Colorado, payday loans

Predatory Payday Lending in Colorado

Building wealth is difficult enough, but high-cost lenders, check cashers, rent-to-own stores, and pawn shops offering predatory payday loans strip families of their savings and make economic mobility even harder.



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minimum wage

Testimony: Oppose HB18-1106 Allowing Employers to Negotiate Lower Minimum Wage

Many of the workers affected by the minimum wage have limited power to bargain for higher wages. Without it, they could find themselves at the mercy of much more powerful employers with deeper pockets.

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Automation in Colorado: Preparing for the Future of Work

Automation could affect a total of 1.1 million Coloradans, or 41 percent of the total workforce, as they work in occupations judged as high risk of being automated.

colorado's economy

Colorado’s Economy: Strong Yet Uneven

While Colorado's economy may be strong, uneven growth throughout the state, an uptick in low-wage jobs and industries, and continued wealth and income inequality mean not everyone is benefitting.