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Historic Housing Barriers in Jefferson County

Historic housing barriers and systems have limited homeownership options for BIPOC families in Jeffco. Learn about what can be done to address these inequities and improve their ability to build generational wealth.

Liz Kistler: The Many Faces of Jeffco’s Affordable Housing Crisis

This blog series gives insight into how a range of individuals are experiencing Jeffco’s affordable housing crisis.

Colorado Legislature’s 2024 Housing Solutions and their Impact on Jeffco

A closer look at a few important bills and possible consequences in Jefferson County as a result of several housing bills recently passed in the Colorado legislature.

Progress on Financial Empowerment in Colorado

The Office of Financial Empowerment (OFE) is making valuable progress in building the statewide infrastructure necessary to ensure the financial well-being of Colorado families and communities.

Colorado Property Taxes: Threats vs. Solutions

A collection of Bell research to help you better understand the threats and solutions to property taxes in the state of Colorado.

image shows bulldozer digging and says: Initiatives 50 and 108: destructive property tax cuts

Destructive Colorado Property Tax Cuts: Initiatives 50 and 108

Either of these measures would have a devastating impact on Colorado and would be felt in every sector of our economy.

Setting the Record Straight on Colorado’s SB24-233

A right-leaning think tank dropped a highly critical report about the SB24-244 with questionable conclusions and a very conspicuous piece of information completely absent.

2024 Colorado Legislative Session Recap

With the close of the 2024 Colorado legislative session, we took stock of our state's progress on issues key to economic mobility.

How SB24-233 Lowers Colorado Property Tax Bills

SB24-233 is the legislature's thoughtful effort to lower property taxes. We succinctly explain the "effective assessment rate" for homes of various values.

Our Work So Far in 2024

Get a recap of the 2024 legislative session and learn about the policy research we’ve conducted so far this year with your support.

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