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Emergency Protections: Debt Collection in the COVID-19 Crisis

Colorado passed emergency debt collection protections in June. Know your rights and the next steps for protecting Colorado consumers.

Sign indicating 'drive in banking options' mounted on a brick wall.

Managing the Crisis: Affordable Banking Options

Learn more about safe and affordable checking accounts you can open even during the COVID-19 crisis.

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BankOn Model: Improving Access to Safe & Affordable Banking

BankOn is founded on the belief that banking is an essential service, but high and unexpected fees makes mainstream banking too expensive for many people.

financial empowerment

Why Access to Credit & Safe Banking Matters

Colorado has a two-tiered financial system. It is rooted In, and continues to reinforce, barriers to building wealth for low- and middle-income families.

financial empowerment

Financial Empowerment: A Track Record of Success

Cities and towns across the country are witnessing the impacts a lack of financial well-being has on the entire community. And they're taking action.

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What Does Financial Well-Being Mean to You?

When we ask about best practices from other communities and explore if they might work locally, we get a resounding answer: “Yes, and.”

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Capping Interest Rates at 36% Is Just the Beginning

Pushing back on one predatory product is not enough to create safe, affordable access to banking and loans. We have the opportunity to do more.