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school to prison pipeline colorado
Colorado's Racial Wealth Gap: Mass Incarceration & the School-to-Prison PipelineMass incarceration is both a product and cause of the racial wealth gap. This brief examines the policies and history that created and continue trends affecting Coloradans of color.
2020 legislative session
What Just Happened? 10 Opening Day Quotes & What They MeanWhat just happened? A guide to deciphering opening day legislative speeches and what they mean for the session to come.
financial empowerment
Financial Empowerment: A Track Record of SuccessCities and towns across the country are witnessing the impacts a lack of financial well-being has on the entire community. And they're taking action.
colorado taxes
6 Things to Know When Talking About Colorado TaxesIf you're trying to understand the issues underlying tax policy in Colorado, keep these six basics in mind.
2020 legislative session
2020 Legislative Session: What You Should KnowThe 2020 legislative session is upon us. Here is a preview of what to expect on the economic mobility front.
What Does Financial Well-Being Mean to You?When we ask about best practices from other communities and explore if they might work locally, we get a resounding answer: “Yes, and.”
Connecting Coloradans to Policy Decision MakingWhen we rely on statistical data alone, it can lead to missing the impacts of one issue on another or overlooking an important aspect of the issue altogether.
racial wealth gap homeownership & credit
Colorado's Racial Wealth Gap: Homeownership & CreditThe first brief in our racial wealth gap series considers the impact of homeownership and credit on wealth, introducing unique state-level statistics.
Policymaking With the Whole Family in MindWhen we embrace policies that reflect the diversity of our families, we create an environment that allows Coloradans across our state to thrive.
aging in colorado
Aging in Colorado: Research & ResourcesNo matter your age, you need to pay attention to the changes that come with a growing number of older Coloradans.
2020 legislative session
Governor Polis' 2020 Budget ProposalGov. Polis submitted his budget proposal to the state legislature that outlines his priorities for the next year. Here's what you need to know.
older adult working
Older Adults in Colorado's WorkforceIn a new brief, we explore the importance of older adults in the workforce and opportunities to bolster this part of Colorado's economy.
The Racial Wealth Gap: A PrimerDespite some progress on racial equality since the 1950s, America's economy lags behind. Has our country really grown more inclusive and equitable?
colorado state budget growth
Has the Colorado State Budget Grown?As Colorado continues to have conversations about growth in the state budget (or lack thereof), the Bell is breaking down some of the key principles and approaches to measuring growth.
predatory payday lending in Colorado, payday loans
Capping Interest Rates at 36% Is Just the BeginningPushing back on one predatory product is not enough to create safe, affordable access to banking and loans. We have the opportunity to do more.
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