Quality of care is an important piece of a thriving care economy.

Quality of Care

Quality care, whether it is direct care for older adults and people with disabilities, or early childhood education, is critical for communities.

Graphic illustration of financial documents and icons representing billing and invoicing in an abstract layout.

Affordability of Care in Colorado

The high cost of child care and direct care remains a barrier for many families. This brief looks at what is driving high costs and what solutions may be available.

postsecondary education

Early Childhood & Postsecondary Education Advance Economic Mobility

From costs to accessibility, we offer analysis and recommendations for how to make early childhood and postsecondary education work better for Colorado families.

Colorado work policies

Colorado Work Policies: Adapting How We Work

From how we pay workers to how we support them, Colorado work policies need to evolve so Coloradans can advance economically. Here our recommendations on how to do that.

unaffordable housing in Colorado

Unaffordable Housing in Colorado: Who’s Affected?

Out of the top 20 metropolitan areas with the highest rate of house price appreciation in the country, three are in Colorado. Renters are affected by unaffordable housing in Colorado, too, as more than half are cost burdened.

health care in Colorado, public option

Health Care in Colorado Impacts Economic Mobility

In our Guide to Economic Mobility, we look at how health care in Colorado affects opportunity. We outline some improvements we can make regarding care, coverage, and cost, so Colorado’s health gains can been felt equally by all.

Tax Bill

Tax Bill Mismatched to Our Economic Needs

Will Colorado stick with the same ideology that spawned the GOP tax plan, or will we finally decide to pursue progressive tax policies that ensure economic mobility for every Coloradan?

income tax credit for child care, child care tax credit

When Employer Solutions Are Lacking, Invest in Paid Leave

Public investment in paid leave would yield big dividends for employees and employers. Colorado should continue to forge a path toward the future of work. 

A man driving with a groundhog on the steering wheel navigates through high-risk pools.

High-Risk Pools: What To Know

This year on Groundhog Day, I’m contemplating a health policy idea that ought to go back into hiding: high-risk pools.

Cover of the 'Opportunity Handbook 2017: A Quick Guide to Economic Opportunity in Colorado' featuring a collage of diverse individuals engaged in various professions.

2017 Opportunity Handbook

In an effort to inform effort to expand opportunity in Colorado, we have compiled a report focusing on some of the important levers to economic mobility.

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