Informative overview of state government financial reserves.

In The Know: State Reserves

Unlike many other states, Colorado does not have a “rainy day fund.” The state does have reserves that act as...

2023 Special Session circular money exchange icon with arrows.

Special Session Tracker 2023

Lawmakers are debated a range of issues at the Colorado General Assembly during their 2023 Special Session. This tracker focuses...

Illustration of woman voting

Local Elections a Mixed Bag for Economic Mobility Issues

While most of the 2023 Colorado election headlines focused on Proposition HH, many important local issues were also on the...

A magnifying glass focusing on local ballot measures, symbolized by numbered icons, examines these pivotal local ballot measures in detail.

Local Ballot Measures

A closer look at three measures up for a vote in the November election.

Illustration of a hand holding cash with text "New Protections for Colorado Consumers" on a yellow and black background.

In The Know: New Protections for Colorado Consumers

Colorado consumers will have important new protections thanks to the passing of HB23-1229.

Quality of care is an important piece of a thriving care economy.

Quality of Care

Quality care, whether it is direct care for older adults and people with disabilities, or early childhood education, is critical for communities.

illustration showing book, apple

Referred Ballot Measure: Prop II

Proposition II, on the 2023 ballot, could add a significant amount of funding for universal prek in Colorado.

Zoning & Land Use Reform

Zoning & Land Use Reform

We look at the zoning and land use regulations exist and how they can be reformed to address Colorado's housing crisis.

Close-up of a blurred financial document related to Colorado taxes poll with selective focus on percentages and monetary values.

Jan. 2023 Polling on a Fairer Tax Code

New polling shows Coloradans strongly favor increased public funding for key priorities and overwhelmingly support a fairer tax system.

Graphic of a bell with a silhouette of a person inside, symbolizing economic mobility.

Tax Fairness & Economic Mobility in Colorado

Colorado needs a fairer tax code that provides relief to regular people and makes sure the wealthy pay their fair share. That change starts with you.