Answers We Need in 2017

As the Bell Policy Center heads into 2017, we will remain committed to a strong and vibrant cycle of opportunity for all Coloradans. We’re adapting that commitment to new realities that require us to reframe the questions that drive our work.

Highlights from 2016

In 2016, we made some great strides for opportunity in Colorado. Here is what we're most proud of.

New Action Plan on Aging Strengthens Economic Opportunity

Colorado should act now to meet critical goals for 2030 that, if reached, will ensure the success of “older Coloradans and their families by promoting health and well-being, fostering self-sufficiency, providing livable communities, and protecting the most vulnerable populations.” 

colorado health care coverage options

Making Sense of Rising Medicaid Costs

Medicaid’s expansion under the ACA is not to blame.

Early Insights: Cliff Effect Pilot Program

According to one parent who earned too much to remain on the pilot, “I couldn’t go backwards. I would have had to take a huge pay cut at work. And that is just ridiculous.”

What’s Really Driving Higher Tuition Costs?

Tuition increases over the last several years have been primarily driven by significant reductions in state funding for public higher education.

Informal Caregiving Costs Billions in Colorado & It’s Growing

Approximately 1 out of every 10 Coloradans is informally caring for an individual age 50 or older.

Post-Traditional Adult Students Key to Closing Colorado’s Skills Gap

Working-age adults already represent a substantial share of all undergraduates nationwide and are a key part of a demographic shift with important implications for how postsecondary education is structured and delivered.

Cycle of Opportunity

The Bell Policy Center first introduced the Cycle of Opportunity concept in 2002 to illustrate how we believe opportunity is created and sustained in the 21st century.