2018 Colorado Ballot Guide: #VoteSmart With Bell Analysis & Recommendations

This November, Coloradans have some big decisions to make. More than ever, we know voters are hungry for reliable resources and opportunities to learn about what they’ll see on the 2018 Colorado ballot. This fall’s ballot will be extensive and the issues complex; that’s why the Bell Policy Center is proud to release its 2018 Colorado Ballot Guide.

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This comprehensive guide covers each statewide question voters will see on Election Day. In it, you’ll find our recommendations, data, and analysis on how each ballot measure may affect economic mobility in Colorado.

Download your copy of the Bell Policy Center’s 2018 Colorado Ballot Guide now. 

Read more about these measures and others to help navigate the 2018 Colorado ballot and inform your decisions come November. Our guide provides breakdowns for each initiative, offering research points and arguments from supporters and opponents. Be sure to also check out our new Briefed by the Bell Hub, a one-stop shop with easy-to-read briefs on issues affecting Coloradans across the state. Created specifically for voters and candidates in mind, our Briefed by the Bell series will continue to tackle new issues through Election Day, so be sure to check back often.

If you’re interested in deeper analysis, our long-form recommendations are now available:

Amendment 73   Amendment 74   Amendment 75   Proposition 109   Proposition 110   Proposition 111   Proposition 112

Amendment A    Amendment V    Amendment W    Amendment X    Amendment Y    Amendment Z

We hope our 2018 Colorado Ballot Guide gives you the necessary details and data to better understand how these measures help or hurt our communities. With so many important initiatives up to Colorado voters this year, this guide is one way to spread the word about what’s at stake and how to help more Coloradans “Vote Smart.” The Bell’s commitment to educating and informing voters is another step in our journey to transform Colorado into a state where everyone thrives.

If you’re interested in using the Bell’s guide to inform friends, neighbors, and colleagues about the issues Coloradans will see this November, check out our Ballot Guide Toolkit. It features helpful hints and tricks to hold conversations on this year’s measures.

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