Colorado’s Proposed Initiative 50: Return of the Negative Factor

If Initiative 50 were to pass at the ballot in November, the state will face K-12 education funding trouble.

Land Use & Zoning in Jefferson County: Closing the Housing Supply Deficit

Policies that passed in the 2024 legislative session could expand housing opportunities in Jefferson County.

Graphic of a man in class raising his hand with a woman student behind him.

Housing Financing 101: Affordable Housing in Jefferson County, Colorado

Jeffco residents want more affordable housing. Local governments recognize the need and want to fill it. Housing developers are incentivized to fill this gap. But prohibitive factors stand in their way.

Highlighting the impact of child tax credits as a benefit on poverty reduction.

Poverty Data Shows Who Would Benefit From a Child Tax Credit

Addressing and taking steps to reduce child poverty through a refundable credit will benefit Colorado’s children and families, while also creating a stronger, more equitable state. 

Exploring the impact of differing property tax modifications on homeowners.

Differing Property Tax Changes in Colorado

Property taxes have been growing across the state, with legislators offering relief using the most available tools. However, we could better target relief through income tax and we could ensure adequate funding through alternative revenue sources.

Hands exchanging a two-dollar bill with text overlay discussing fees and fines for installment loans.

In The Know: Fees, Fines, and Add-Ons for Installment Loans

Add-on costs and fees are a growing concern for Coloradans and they're beginning to appear in more and more places. These additional charges quickly add up and exacerbate financial challenges for consumers.

Graphical representation highlighting concerns about the 2024 budget inadequacies with a play button icon.

2024 State Budget Inadequacies in Colorado

This video series shows how pressing needs go unfulfilled in Colorado, despite being a state with a $1.8 billion budget "surplus."

A paperclip attached to a heavy chain with the text 'disastrous ballot questions' on a black and yellow background.

More Disastrous Colorado Ballot Questions

Conservative and anti-tax groups are planning disastrous 2024 ballot measures that could undermine property tax relief and have serious consequences for local and state budgeting.

White mask with reflection on a black surface, alongside text discussing "special interests" and setting the record straight.

Setting the Record Straight on “Special Interests”

We explain how a recent report from the anti-tax Independence Institute is attempting to misconstrue income tax policy in Colorado.

Everything Starts with a Home

Affordable housing is intricately connected to pivotal kitchen table concerns, like education, health, and overall community stability.

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