A Year in Covid

Making the Invisible Visible: A Year of COVID

Inequity defines the past year of COVID-19, but it was only shining a light on decades of inequity that have long lingered in Colorado.

A Year of COVID: What We Learned About Education

COVID-19 decreased access to education, while increasing the need of credentials for good jobs. What we learned over the last year has us rethinking education entirely.

A Year of COVID: Informal Child Care Providers

FFN providers help to fill gaps in licensed child care shortages and continue to provide care for families whose formal child care arrangements have been disrupted by COVID-19.

money symbol in lights (race and taxes in Colorado, regressive tax code)

A Year of COVID: The Economy

COVID-19 has revealed significant problems in our economic system. We cannot ignore the struggles of the many just because the larger economy is doing well.

A Year of COVID: Undocumented Workers in Colorado’s Caring Workforce

Undocumented workers in Colorado's caring workforce have provided critical care during the pandemic, yet they are exempt from many workplace and COVID-19 recovery benefits.

A Year of COVID: Our Evolving Workplaces

Prior to COVID, our workplace policies were often inadequate. But now that we’ve seen change is possible, we must build upon this progress.

The Tie Between Economic Insecurity & Age Discrimination

The prevalence of age discrimination, its impacts on family security, and the knowledge we can do better are why the Bell supports stronger anti-discrimination laws in Colorado.

2021 colorado legislative session, progressive income tax system, colorado legislative preview

2021 Legislative Session Preview

Restoring last year’s $3.3 billion worth of cuts will not be enough for the 2021 legislative session. Investing above and beyond where we were in 2019 is crucial to ensuring a Colorado that works for everyone.

Credit and debt

Colorado OFE Can Create a Road Toward Financial Stability

By creating a statewide office of financial empowerment, we can create the systemic solutions needed to help Coloradans across the economic spectrum.

How Financial Empowerment Can Help Colorado’s COVID Recovery

A statewide office of financial empowerment can provide crucial assistance to struggling residents as Colorado recovers from COVID-19.