Colorado Property Taxes: Threats vs. Solutions

Colorado Property Taxes: Threats vs. Solutions

A resource for understanding the 2024 Property Tax Fight

Colorado property taxes pay for nearly everything we rely on in our local communities. Schools, public safety, libraries, and so much of the basic infrastructure we use every day are funded by this local tax. 

Since the Gallagher Amendment was repealed in 2020, our state has argued over how to best protect homeowners from rapidly increasing Colorado and Denver property tax bills today and in the future.  

At the end of the 2024 legislative session, in a historic bipartisan vote, the Colorado General Assembly passed legislation that lowers property tax bills AND protects funding for vital community services. 

This page helps break down that legislation and compares the solutions with the threats –  the reckless proposals that voters will be asked to weigh in on this November.

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Initiatives 50 and 108: Don't Believe the Hype about Colorado Property Tax

Proponents are out and about, using misleading arguments and numbers. We deconstruct the hype and bring context to the numbers.

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Colorado Initiative 108 Would Force $3 billion in Cuts

$3 billion equates to over 18 percent of Colorado’s FY 2024-2025 General Fund budget. No matter the selected path, Initiative 108 forces impossible choices on the state.

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SB24-233: Responsible Property Tax Reductions and Reform in Colorado

The Bell provides the details about what’s in Colorado SB24-233 and examines the delicate balance it achieved to avoid deep cuts to local governments that provide essential community services.

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image shows bulldozer digging and says: Initiatives 50 and 108: destructive property tax cuts

Destructive Colorado Property Tax Cuts: Initiatives 50 and 108

Either of these measures would have a devastating impact on Colorado and would be felt in every sector of our economy. 

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Setting the Record Straight on Colorado's SB24-233

A right-leaning think tank dropped a highly critical report about Colorado’s SB24-233 with a very conspicuous piece of information completely absent.

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