2020 Ballot Guide: Analysis & Recommendations

As you look through the Bell Policy Center’s 2020 Ballot Guide, you’ll notice it looks different from previous years. In order to provide clear and accurate analysis about how the 11 statewide measures will affect Coloradans, we adopted new criteria to inform our recommendations. 

For each measure, you’ll see there are three values every proposal is scored on: tax fairness, racial equity, and economic mobility. We chose these three as all are closely aligned to the Bell’s work and our organizational mission. Each value receives a rating (very bad, bad, slightly bad, neutral, slightly good, good, very good) based on how the ballot measure in question will affect these values. 

Click here for other voting resources from the secretary of state’s office.

Based on our research and analysis, some proposals in our 2020 Ballot Guide have more serious implications for tax fairness, racial equity, and economic mobility in Colorado. For that reason, we encourage you to pay close attention to the following measures: 

  • Amendment B: Repeal the Gallagher Amendment (Support) 
  • Proposition EE: Taxes on Nicotine Products (Support) 
  • Proposition 116: State Income Tax Rate Reduction (Oppose) 
  • Proposition 117: Voter Approval for Certain New State Enterprises (Oppose) 
  • Proposition 118: Paid Family & Medical Leave Insurance Program (Support) 

Read the 2020 Ballot Guide in its entirety below (refresh your browser if it doesn’t appear) or click here to download your own copy.