Property Tax Primer

Property taxes are a complicated, and frequently misunderstood, part of our state’s fiscal system. However, they are crucial to the well-being of every community in the state. Whether its funding local public schools, first responders, or local parks and recreation, the impact of property tax revenue can be seen everywhere. However, as home values have increased – especially across the Front Range – property taxes have become a source of political interest. Rising property taxes have made finances difficult for some homeowners and small businesses in our state, and leaders in Colorado are looking at ways to help Coloradans without jeopardizing important funding for counties, schools, cities, and special districts.

The above “Property Tax Primer” is meant to help Coloradans better understand the property tax system and how we got to where we are. These facts will help shape the conversation on how we should move forward with any property tax reform. These important issues are not going away, and proposals need to make sure that the solution doesn’t make new problems that hurt Colorado. This is why The Bell Policy Center wants to make sure that voters and lawmakers have a clear understanding of what property taxes do and what is at stake going forward.