Briefed by the Bell

The Bell Policy Center is excited to introduce Briefed by the Bell

Briefed by the Bell is a continuing series that takes complex issues affecting Coloradans and drills down to important facts and analysis.

Each of these briefs will touch on an important topic affecting economic mobility and offer solutions to best address negative impacts on Coloradans and our communities. Our ultimate goal with these briefs is to educate Coloradans and elected leaders of all stripes to improve economic mobility in our state. With facts and figures at the ready, citizens, candidates, and elected leaders can prepare for the questions we must ask ourselves as we seek to make Colorado a state where everyone thrives.

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With the federal government seemingly incapable of coming together to solve problems, it’s increasingly important state lawmakers step forward with commonsense ideas to improve the lives of their constituents. With costs rising, wages stagnating, and income inequality continuing unabated, it’s more important than ever we work together to make Colorado a place for everyone, not just a wealthy few. It’s crucial all Coloradans across our great state know their hard work is valued and the ability to afford a comfortable living for themselves and their families is not out of reach. Right now, many people believe that way of life comes from a bygone era. That’s why the Bell works to help lawmakers, advocates, and the public understand there are ways to make the Colorado way of life one that benefits us all.

Briefed By The Bell Wages
Stagnant wages only compound the financial burden of other necessities, like child care, housing, a college education, and health care.READ MORE
family security
For many Coloradans, taking time off to meet family care needs comes with the constant fear of losing a paycheck or job.READ MORE
Colorado Fiscal Policy Briefed by the Bell
Soon, Colorado will hit TABOR revenue caps. What does this mean for Colorado fiscal policy and what will ensure all Coloradans benefit?READ MORE
predatory economy, briefed by the bell
The predatory economy is at work in Colorado. The question now is what will our policymakers do to stop it?READ MORE
Wealth & Income Inequality Colorado Briefed by the Bell
Did you know the top 1 percent takes in 16.6 percent of all income in Colorado? Find out what we can do to address rising inequality in Colorado.READ MORE
two-generation solutions
Working with parents and children together, we can help both attain skills to set them up for success throughout their lives.READ MORE
Briefed by the bell health care
Colorado has made major strides in increasing access to health care over the last 10 years, but consistently increasing costs put health care out of reach for families. READ MORE
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