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2023 Colorado Legislative Session Recap

Recapping the 2023 Colorado legislative session, the Bell Policy Center analyzes wins, lessons learned, and what's to come.

Zoning & Land Use Reform

Zoning & Land Use Reform

We look at the zoning and land use regulations exist and how they can be reformed to address Colorado's housing crisis.

Colorado’s Universal Preschool Program

This report examines the new Colorado Universal Preschool Program, how it works, and how it will impact families and the wider child care ecosystem.

Legislative Response to Colorado’s Housing Crisis

With housing in Colorado becoming increasingly inaccessible, legislators made new investments and utilized one-time federal funds to address Colorado's ongoing housing crisis.

Tax Fairness & Economic Mobility in Colorado

Colorado needs a fairer tax code that provides relief to regular people and makes sure the wealthy pay their fair share. That change starts with you.

Price-Cap Regulations on Property Taxes & Consequences

We look at property tax measures from various states, how they work, and the fiscal consequences they provoked.

Colorado’s Need for Equitable Growth

Colorado’s population boom highlights a need to pay attention to the impacts of a growing population and center equitable growth in a broader conversation.