Fair Lending and Asset Building

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Predatory Payday Lending in ColoradoBuilding wealth is difficult enough, but high-cost lenders, check cashers, rent-to-own stores, and pawn shops offering predatory payday loans strip families of their savings and make economic mobility even harder.
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Building Assets Key to Economic MobilityWhile income determines how families meet basic needs, building assets is one of the key drivers to help families move into the middle class and build a stable and prosperous economic future.
Infographic: Millennials, Money, & DebtMillennials are living paycheck to paycheck, making saving and paying down debt not an easy task.
Testimony: Support HB17-1290 to Create Colorado Secure Savings PlanIn a 2016 study, we found almost 900,000 Colorado private sector workers in their prime working years are not participating in any type of retirement savings plans at work.
Testimony: Preserve & Strengthen Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices ActThe most effective way to ensure that Coloradans are not hounded for debts they do not owe, have contested, or paid off is to require debt collectors meet a “proof of debt” standard before attempting any collection action.
Colorado Workers Face a Retirement CrisisToday, almost 900,000 Colorado private-sector workers in their prime working years are not participating in traditional pensions or 401(k)-type retirement savings plans at work.
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Report: Solutions to Retirement CrisisAmerica faces a retirement crisis, as a substantial number of working families are not saving enough to meet their needs in retirement.
Testimony: Finance Charges on Certain Consumer Credit TransactionsRaising the costs on supervised loans and credit sales forces hard-working Colorado families, many whose credit histories are damaged by the Great Recession, to pay more for no justifiable reason.
Splitting State Income Tax Refunds Can Help Families Build AssetsAllowing Coloradans to split their state income tax refunds and directly deposit a portion into several accounts would encourage savings overall and help low- to moderate-income families build wealth.
Report: Retirement at Risk in ColoradoIn Colorado, nearly 1 million private-sector workers in their prime working years do not participate in either traditional pension plans or 401(k)-type defined contribution plans at work.
Amendment 66 & PERAPERA is the retirement system for state and local government employees, including teachers. It is the only retirement program for these employees, virtually all of whom do not participate in or receive Social Security benefits.