Research Series: Higher Education in Colorado

Postsecondary education is a vital vehicle for economic mobility. As our workforce increasingly demands postsecondary credentials for good jobs, it is essential higher education in Colorado works for Coloradans. Currently, Colorado ranks 45th nationally in terms of public investment in postsecondary education. This series of briefs explores how Colorado’s postsecondary education system serves residents, with special attention to Coloradans of color. By exploring the challenges and opportunities within our postsecondary education system, we present a policy agenda on how we can work to make Colorado’s postsecondary education system the best in the nation, while centering equity. Here are some of the briefs’ key findings:

You can read the briefs below or download your own copy by clicking the following links:

Colorado-in-Context-Higher-Ed-Brief-1 Value-of-Higher-Ed-in-Colorado-Brief-2 Colorados-Higher-Ed-System-Business-Model-Brief-3 HEB_4