Briefed by the Bell — Wages

Our first in a continuing series — Briefed by the Bell — looks at wages for Coloradans.

We know stagnant wages are an issue across the state. Here, we’ve compiled the key points on the issue, the facts, and the solutions. This brief will help Colorado’s policymakers and citizens understand what our state is up against and how to make life better for all Coloradans.

With a low unemployment rate and a growing population, Colorado’s economy is booming. However, Colorado’s economic gains since the Great Recession have been uneven across the state and wages aren’t commensurate with the rest of our economy’s growth. Factor in rising costs, and many Coloradans are unable to fully feel the benefits of our state’s prosperity. Slow and inconsistent wage growth affects all corners of our state, hindering Coloradans from both urban and rural areas to afford a middle class lifestyle — a key tenet of the American Dream.

Stagnant wages only compound the financial burden of other necessities, like child care, housing, a college education, and health care. If we’re serious about protecting and continuing Colorado’s strong state economy, we must find solutions that allow Coloradans to thrive.

While there is no single way to improve wage growth, increasing pay for low- and middle-income Coloradans would go a long way toward creating an economy that works for everyone. Policymakers can do this several ways. Read our first Briefed by the Bell to learn more. 

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