colorado public investments

On The Chopping Block: Colorado Public Investments

Today, the share of Colorado’s economy invested in public services aimed at expanding opportunity is a smaller portion than at almost any time in the past 40 years.

postsecondary education

Early Childhood & Postsecondary Education Advance Economic Mobility

From costs to accessibility, we offer analysis and recommendations for how to make early childhood and postsecondary education work better for Colorado families.

Colorado work policies

Colorado Work Policies: Adapting How We Work

From how we pay workers to how we support them, Colorado work policies need to evolve so Coloradans can advance economically. Here our recommendations on how to do that.

Colorado's demographics

Colorado’s Demographics: An Older, More Diverse State

Because Colorado's demographics affect so much of how our state operates, it’s imperative to recognize how these elements play into the vision of economic opportunity.

building assets

Building Assets Key to Economic Mobility

While income determines how families meet basic needs, building assets is one of the key drivers to help families move into the middle class and build a stable and prosperous economic future.

unaffordable housing in Colorado

Unaffordable Housing in Colorado: Who’s Affected?

Out of the top 20 metropolitan areas with the highest rate of house price appreciation in the country, three are in Colorado. Renters are affected by unaffordable housing in Colorado, too, as more than half are cost burdened.

health care in Colorado, public option

Health Care in Colorado Impacts Economic Mobility

In our Guide to Economic Mobility, we look at how health care in Colorado affects opportunity. We outline some improvements we can make regarding care, coverage, and cost, so Colorado’s health gains can been felt equally by all.

the bell, future of work

The Bell Brings Colorado Communities Together

In this guest contribution, one Colorado resident shares how the Bell Policy Center helped her discuss goals for her community with those she may not have worked with otherwise.

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