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Our economy is changing. How will we respond?

The Bell Policy Center is shaping the conversation about the future of work and how it affects Coloradans. Here you’ll find articles, studies, and original content to help you better understand the challenges and opportunities we all must face to ensure a dynamic economy and strong workforce.

Whether it’s due to realignment of the relationship between workers and employers or because new technologies require new skills, all of us must consider the enormous impact the future of work will have on the way we work and learn. As the future of work spurs change, we must explore ways to embrace Colorado’s new workforce and create an economy with successful workers who can live comfortably and work effectively.

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the future of work: what to expect

With our focus on ensuring economic mobility for every Coloradan, we have some big questions to sift through. Who will be most impacted by our evolving economy and workforce? How do we anticipate these changes and reorganize our systems to ensure existing inequalities don’t carry over into a new economic era? Only a handful of states have begun to tackle these big questions.

Colorado will have to figure out how to provide important benefits — like health care, retirement, and disability — for people who don’t have the traditional employer-employee relationship that has long been the hallmark of American work. Beyond that, there will be many other considerations that must be thought through by stakeholders and policymakers alike. The future of work and the consequences it brings, both positive and negative, will affect the lives of many people across the state.