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A person in a wheelchair accompanied by someone walking beside them on a sunny day.

A Boost for Our Caring Workforce

As Colorado ages, we must do more to ensure we have a strong workforce capable of caring for our older loved ones. SB19-238 moves us in the right direction.

Two people and a dog enjoying their walk on a path through the park, benefiting from the health care affordability of local public exercise spaces.

A Step Toward Increasing Health Care Affordability

With the passage of bills like HB19-1004, state legislators are taking meaningful steps to address health care affordability in Colorado.

A newborn baby holding an adult's finger while sleeping, a moment captured from a real story.

What’s the Real Story on FAMLI?

We’ve heard lots of reasons why SB19-188 won't work, but the facts show why this is best way to provide paid leave in Colorado.

Senior woman with a hat sitting in a wheelchair outdoors, smiling with a notebook on her lap, embodying Aging in Colorado.

Paid Family & Medical Leave In Action

FAMLI and similar programs throughout the country tell us much about what paid family and medical leave will look like in Colorado.

funding LTC

A New Way to Fund Long-Term Care

Long-term care is expensive, and only growing costlier. Across the country, states are exploring new ways to make it more affordable.

Aerial view of a tropical Margaritaville coastline with waves crashing onto the shore surrounded by palm trees.

Lessons on Aging from Margaritaville

What can Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville teach us about aging? Turns out a lot.

aging policy agenda

Aging: What Nobody’s Talking About This Election

The outcome of November's election will shape how our state and local communities support our older adults and all those who both care for and rely upon them for many years to come.

colorado older adults

Colorado’s Commitment to Older Adults

A new state-supported initiative offers an important tool to spur local innovation and mobilize resources to create livable communities for Coloradans of all ages.

A person providing Golden Year Caregiving by pushing an elderly individual in a motorized wheelchair outdoors in a sunny setting.

Growth in Golden Year Caregiving

Recent research shows adult children are most likely to provide care for aging parents when they themselves are in their golden years.


Smart Policy Can Make Long-Term Care More Accessible for Older Adults

Maine’s effort draws attention to the growing discrepancy between the needs of and resources for older adults. As Colorado experiences its own demographic changes, we must face this challenge head on.