Bill Tracker 2024

Stay up to date on important bills headed through the Colorado General Assembly during the 2024 session. Please note: this tracker is updated weekly on Fridays.

SupportHB-1007Repeal Residential Occupancy LimitsRep. Rutinel (D), Rep. Mabrey (D), Sen. Exum (D), Sen. Gonzales (D)Prohibits local governments from enacting residential occupancy limits not tied to square footage of residence.Hearing on 3/12 in Senate Local Government and Housing
NeutralHB-1008Wage Claims Construction Industry ContractorsRep. Duran (D), Rep. Froelich (D), Sen. Danielson (D), Sen. Jaquez Lewis (D)New regulations governing pay between contractor and subcontractor.Passed House Business Affairs and Labor
SupportHB-1009Bilingual Child Care Licensing ResourcesRep. Joseph (D), Rep. McLachlan (D), Sen. Ginal (D), Sen. Rich (R)Requires CDEC to provide education and materials in the two most spoken languages in Colorado for those seeking to open a child care business or become licensed. It also requires the updating of the mobile licensing application for clear language and in the prevalent languages.Passed House Education
NeutralHB-1014Deceptive Trade Practice Significant Impact StandardRep. Weissman (D), Rep. Mabrey (D), Sen. Gonzales (D)Lowers the standard under which a person can claim an unfair or deceptive trade practice.Hearing on 3/11 in Senate Judiciary
OpposeHB-1026Local Government Tax Payers’ Bill of Rights Prior Voter Approval RequirementsRep. Bockenfeld (R)Would force local governments that have debruced prior to 2020 resubmit a debrucing measure no later than 2029 to continue retaining revenue above TABOR cap.Postponed Indefinitely
NeutralHB-1027Exemption of Childrens’ ProductsRep. Winter (R), Sen. B. Pelton (R)Exempts baby and toddler products from sales taxes and establish a sales tax holiday for back to school products.Passed House Finance
SupportHB-1036Adjusting Certain Tax ExpendituresRep. Weissman (D), Rep. Frizell (R), Sen. Hansen (D), Sen. Kolker (D)Adjusting tax expenditures based on recommendations from the State Auditor.Passed House Finance
NeutralHB-1050Simplify Processes Regarding Certain Local Government TaxesRep. Taggart (R), Rep. Kipp (D), Sen. Bridges (D), Sen. Van Winkle (R)Requiring local districts to report to DOR information on local lodging tax and building permit-related sales or use tax, requiring publishing that info, and including local lodging taxes in the Sales and Use Tax Simplification Task ForcePassed House Finance
SupportHB-1052Senior Housing Income Tax CreditRep. Weissman (D), Rep. Marshall (D), Sen. Hansen (D), Sen. Kolker (D)Providing income-capped tax credits to seniors to use on housing; recipients cannot have also claimed the Senior Homestead Property Tax Exemption.Passed House Finance
SupportHB-1053Tax Policy Analysis by the Legislative BranchRep. Weissman (D), Rep. Marshall (D), Sen. Liston (R), Sen. Hansen (D)Establish requirements for evaluating tax expenditures; extend Interim Legislative Oversight Committee on Tax Policy.Passed House
SupportHB-1057Prohibit Algorithmic Devices Used for Rent SettingRep. WoodrowProhibits landlords from using algorithms to determine rent for residential property; Violation of the prohibition is determined to be an unfair or deceptive trade practice.On House Floor
OpposeHB-1065Reduction of State Income Tax RateRep. Bottoms (R), Rep. Pugeliese (R), Sen. Kirkmeyer (R)Reduce income tax rate for individuals and corporations from 4.4% to 4%.Postponed Indefinitely
SupportHB-1084Repeal and Reenact Earned Income Tax Credit IncreaseRep. Willford (D), Rep. Young (D), Sen. Kolker (D)Repeals and reenacts the bill from the 2023 Special Session that increased the state’s EITC from 25% to 50% of the federal credit.Signed by Governor
SupportHB-1098Cause Required for Eviction of Residential TenantRep. Mabrey (D), Rep. Duran (D), Sen. Gonzales (D), Sen. Hinrichsen (D)Requires cause to evict a residential tenantPassed House
SupportHB-1099Defendant Filing Fees in EvictionRep. Lindsay (D), Rep. Soper (R), Sen. Buckner (D), Sen. B. Pelton (R)Prohibits certain eviction fees and reforms legal requirements for eviction filings.Introduced
SupportHB-1107Judicial Review of Local Land Use DecisionsRep. Lindstedt (D), Sen. Bridges (D)Allows local land use decisions to proceed while under judicial review.Hearing on 2/27 in House Transportation, Housing, and Local Government
SupportHB-1129Protections for Delivery Network Company DriversRep. Vigil (D), Rep. Mabrey (D), Sen. Hinrichsen (D)Bill requires disclosures made by Delivery Network Company to delivery driver and consumer regarding payments. Also requires data to Colorado Department of Labor and Employment on company’s operation in the state. Also mandates company create transparent procedures around driver deactivation policies.Introduced
SupportHB-1134Adjustments to Tax Expenditures to Reduce BurdenRep. Weissman (D), Rep. Rutinel (D), Sen. Hinrichsen (D)Increase EITC percentage to 50%; make changes to Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit; change corporate taxation from combined to worldwide reportingHearing on 2/26 in House Finance
NeutralHB-1142Reduce Income Tax Social Security BenefitsRep. Holtorf (R)Current law allows those 65 and older to subtract social security benefits from federal taxable income. This bill lowers age to 55 years oldHearing on 2/29 in House Finance
SupportHB-1148Amending Terms of Consumer Lending LawsRep. Weissman (D), Rep. Mabrey (D)Coming soon.Hearing on 2/26 in House Finance
SupportHB-1152Accessory Dwelling UnitsRep. Amabile (D), Rep. Weinberg (R), Sen. Mullica (D), Sen. Exum (D)Allows ADUs in most cities over 1,000 at a cost of $18 million to state.Hearing on 2/27 in House Transportation, Housing, Local Government
OpposeHB-1166Expand Homestead ExemptionRep. DeGraaf (R), Rep. Luck (R)Changes Homestead Exemption from 50% of first $200k of home value to 50% of state median home value; pairs with Constitutional Amendment to allow those who have qualified at any point since 2016 to claim going forward, regardless of time spent in residence. Amendment is HCR-1001Hearing on 3/4 in House Finance
SupportHB-1175Local Governments Rights to Property for Affordable HousingRep. Boesenecker (D), Rep. Sirota (D), Sen. Winter (D), Sen. Jaquez Lewis (D)Coming soon.Passed House Transportation, Housing, Local Government
NeutralHB-1220Workers’ Compensation Disability BenefitsRep. Daugherty (D), Rep. Willford (D)Removes limitations on benefits received dependent on impairment rating; now just one limit of $300k, adjusted annuallyHearing on 2/29 in House Business Affairs and Labor
SupportHB-1223Improved Access to the Child Care Assistance ProgramRep. Willford (D), Rep. Garcia (D), Sen. Cutter (D)Coming soon.Introduced
NeutralHB-1229Presumptive Eligibility for Long-Term CareRep. English (D), Sen. Mullica (D), Sen. Will (R)Coming soon.Hearing on 3/6 in House Health and Human Services
NeutralHB-1233Homeowners Association Delinquency Payments Enforcements ProceduresRep. D. Wilson (R), Rep. Snyder (D), Sen. Roberts (D), Sen. Gardner (R)Coming soon.Hearing on 2/28 in House Transportation, Housing, Local Government
SupportHB-1237Programs for the Development of Child Care FacilitiesRep. Bradfield (R), Rep. Lukens (D), Sen. Marchman (D), Sen. Rich (R)Directs DOLA and CDEC to align and simplify regulations for the integration and development of child care facilities and creates resources and technical assistance for local governments and developers. Creates two grant programs: one to help local governments assess local land policies and facility inventory, and the second for the construction and development of a child care facility.Hearing on 3/6 in House Transportation, Housing, Local Government
SupportHB-1268Financial Assistance for Certain Low-Income IndividualsRep. Weissman (D), Rep. Ortiz (D), Sen. Exum (D), Sen. Fields (D)Increases the Property Tax/Rent/Heat Credit Rebate for qualifying seniors and individuals with disabilities; increases amount and income thresholds for inflation going forward.Hearing on 3/11 in House Finance
NeutralHB-1288Earned Income Tax Data SharingRep. Rutinel (D)Requires sharing of EITC and CTC recipients between DOR and HCPF, DEC, DHS, DOLA, DPHE for purposes on outreach for other government benefitsHearing on 3/4 in House Finance
SupportHB-1311Family Affordability Tax CreditRep. deGruy Kennedy (D), Rep. Willford (D), Sen. Winter (D), Sen. Coleman (D)Creates new tax credit on top of CTC for years of TABOR surplus. Starts at $3,200 per child under six making less than $25,000. Families making up to $85k/$95k (single/joint) with children 5 and under get credit with the $3,200 decreasing by $220 for every $5,000 increase in income. For families with children age 6-16, the credit starts at $2,400 per child, decreasing in same amounts for same income thresholds.Introduced
SupportHB-1312State Income Tax Credit for CareworkersRep. Sirota (D), Rep. Garcia (D), Sen. Rodriguez (D)Creates a refundable income tax credit of $1500 for eligible workers in the caring workforce. This includes child care workers, home health-care worker, personal care aides, and family, friend, and neighbor (FFN) caregivers who are making no more than $75,000 as a single filer or $150,000 as a joint filer.Introduced
SupportHB-1313Housing In Transit-Oriented CommunitiesRep. Woodrow (D), Rep. Jodeh (D), Sen. Hansen (D), Sen. Winter (D)Sets housing goals for metro areas with frequent transit to increase density around transit sites. $35 million in grants and $30 million in tax credits to incentive development; state can withhold Highway Users Tax if housing goal not achieved.Introduced
NeutralHB-1316Middle-Income Housing Tax CreditRep. Lindstedt (D), Rep. Lindsay (D), Sen. Bridges (D)Creates a pilot program for income tax credit aimed at those making 80-120% AMI. CHFA would give tax credits to owners of a qualified housing development. From 2025 through 2027, and cannot exceed $10m in a single calendar year. Housing has to be available for 15 yrs, CHFA could recapture some of tax credit if violated. CHFA will report on data to General Assembly.Introduced
NeutralHB-1317Workforce Data CollectionRep. Young (D), Rep. Lieder (D)Coming soon.Introduced
SupportHB-1297Baby Bonds Program StudyRep. Willford (D), Rep. Garcia (D), Sen. Coleman (D)Creates a study from the state treasurer’s office to assess feasibility and recommendations for a state-level baby bonds program.Introduced
SupportSB-002Local Government Property Tax Credits RebatesSen. Roberts (D), Rep. McCluskie (D), Rep. Frizell (R)Allows local governments to create their own property tax rebates to incentivize affordable housing, childcare, etc.On House Floor
NeutralSB-017Distribution of State Share of District Total ProgramSen. Lundeen (R), Sen. Bridges (D), Rep. McLachlan (D), Rep. Pugiliese (R)Equalizes payments to school districts over the course of budget year to account for when property tax remittances occur.Passed Senate
SupportSB-033Lodging Property Tax TreatmentSen. Hansen (D), Rep. Weissman (D)Changes classification for some short-term rental properties so that they pay a commercial property tax rate, instead of a residential property tax rate.Introduced
SupportSB-040State Funding for Senior ServicesSen. Danielson (D), Sen. Ginal (D), Rep. Willford (D), Rep. Young (D)Ensures that state funding for senior services is adjusted for inflation, annually; Every three years starting in 2024, state agencies will review adequacy of state funding for senior services and report findings to the General Assembly.Passed Senate Health and Human Services
NeutralSB-044Public Employees’ Retirement Association Retiree Refundable Income Tax CreditSen. Kolker (D), Sen. Hansen (D), Rep. Hamrick (D), Rep. Kipp (D)Creates $700 refundable tax credit for 2024 and 2025 for PERA retiree, as long as 65+ in age and no more than $38k for single filer and $76k for joint.Passed Senate Finance
SupportSB-053Racial Equity StudySen. Coleman (D), Rep. Herod (D), Rep. Ricks (D)Requires History Colorado to conduct a study to determine any historical and ongoing effects of slavery and subsequent systemic racism on Black Coloradans that may be attributed to Colorado state policies, and to identify measures that are consistent with the constitution to address those effects. Contingent on funding via $100k in gifts grants and donations.Passed Senate Finance
SupportSB-064Monthly Residential Eviction Data and ReportSen. Mullica (D), Rep. Bird (D)Requires Department of Justice to make monthly eviction data available to publicPassed Senate Judiciary
NeutralSB-073Maximum Number of Employees to Qualify as Small BusinessSen. Smallwood (R), Sen. Rodriguez (D), Rep. Velasco (D)Changes the definition of small business for the purpose of health insurance from max 100 employees to max 50 employeesOn Senate Floor
NeutralSB-075Transportation Network Company TransparencySen. Priola (D), Sen. Rodriguez (D), Rep. Bacon (D)Makes requirements around Transportation Network Companies (ride-share apps) around transparency of data and deactivation policies for driversPassed Senate Business, Labor, and Tech
NeutralSB-094Safe Housing For Residential TenantsSen. Gonzales (D), Sen. Exum (D), Rep. Lindsay (D), Rep. Froelich (D)Modifies terms that constitute a breach of the warranty of habitability, establishes terms for tenant’s affirmative defense against landlord’s actions, and legal standards for landlord’s claims against tenants.Introduced
NeutralSB-111Senior Primary Residence Property Tax ReductionSen. Kolker (D), Sen. Hansen (D), Rep. Lieder (D), Rep. Young (D)Coming soon.Hearing on 2/27 in Senate Finance
OpposeSB-144Real Property ValuationSen. Baisley (R), Sen. Van Winkle (R)6% cap on property value increases from assessment cycle to assessment cycleHearing on 2/27 in Senate Finance
NeutralSB-146Tax Credit for Qualified RentersSen. Kolker (D), Sen. Hansen (D), Rep. Garcia (D)Nonrefundable tax credit for renters making $75k/$150k; credit is $2000 for those making $25k/$50k and decreases by $10 for every $500 increase in incomePassed Senate Finance
NeutralSB-154Accessory Dwelling UnitsSen. Jaquez Lewis (D)Coming soon.Introduced