2020 Policy Proposals: What We’re Following

The 2020 presidential campaign season is in full force. With so many candidates working to make their presence felt, it makes sense they’re sharing new and dynamic policy ideas on economic mobility.

As they find their way into the public consciousness, the Bell believes it would be useful to take quick glances at some of these different proposals. We’ll explore how these policies would impact economic mobility, as well as how Colorado has already wrestled with (and in many ways been ahead of the curve on) some of these questions at a state level. Additionally, we will give you a brief tour through our own work on these topics.

Be on the lookout for these short pieces throughout the summer and into the fall as presidential candidates continue the important conversation of how to improve the lives of today’s families and future generations with true economic mobility.

Get started with the issues we’ve already looked into by clicking below.

canceling student debt
Canceling student debt seems like a promising solution, but what would Senator Elizabeth Warren's plan mean for Colorado? READ MORE
pay equity
Sen. Kamala Harris' plan for equal pay is ambitious, but what has Colorado already done to ensure workplace equity?READ MORE
federal minimum wage
Democratic candidates for president have coalesced on raising the minimum wage. What has Colorado done on this issue and what does the research say?READ MORE
Both presidential hopeful Sen. Gillibrand and Colorado leaders are moving forward with impressive plans to provide paid family and medical leave.READ MORE