2020 Policy Proposals: What We’re Following

The 2020 presidential campaign season is in full force. With so many candidates working to make their presence felt, it makes sense they’re sharing new and dynamic policy ideas on economic mobility.

As they find their way into the public consciousness, the Bell believes it would be useful to take quick glances at some of these different proposals. We’ll explore how these policies would impact economic mobility, as well as how Colorado has already wrestled with (and in many ways been ahead of the curve on) some of these questions at a state level. Additionally, we will give you a brief tour through our own work on these topics.

Be on the lookout for these short pieces throughout the summer and into the fall as presidential candidates continue the important conversation of how to improve the lives of today’s families and future generations with true economic mobility.

Get started with the issues we’ve already looked into by clicking below.

A person holding their lower back, possibly indicating discomfort or pain, may be in need of respite care.
2020 Policy Proposals: Gillibrand on Paid Family & Medical Leave
Both presidential hopeful Sen. Gillibrand and Colorado leaders are moving forward with impressive plans to provide paid family and medical leave.READ MORE
A young child walks ahead on a dirt path while two adults discuss policy proposals follow behind, amidst a backdrop of trees.
2020 Policy Proposals: Working Family Tax Credits
The programs once championed by Republican presidents and Republican congresses have become the staple of 2020 Democratic presidential proposals.READ MORE
health care in Colorado, public option
2020 Policy Proposals: Inslee on Public Health Insurance Option
Washington State may be the furthest along in advancing a public health insurance option, but Colorado isn't too far behind.READ MORE
federal minimum wage
2020 Policy Proposals: Federal Minimum Wage
Democratic candidates for president have coalesced on raising the minimum wage. What has Colorado done on this issue and what does the research say?READ MORE
Adult supervising three young children playing with toys at a round table as part of Colorado's Early Childhood Education workforce.
2020 Policy Proposals: Child Care & Early Childhood Education
Democratic presidential candidates are focused on child care. What are they proposing and what has Colorado already done to help families?READ MORE
Teacher addressing a group of young students in a colorful classroom, as part of strengthening Colorado's ECE workforce.
2020 Policy Proposals: K-12 Education
Democratic presidential hopefuls are sharing their plans to do more for K-12 education. How does Colorado factor in?READ MORE
The United States Capitol building, a backdrop to numerous political issues, viewed from an elevated angle with trees and street traffic in the foreground.
What 2020 Senate Candidates Aren't Talking About... Yet
The candidates have staked positions on topics from climate change to gun control, but many other important issues still need to be addressed.READ MORE
pay equity
2020 Policy Proposals: Harris on Pay Equity
Sen. Kamala Harris' plan for equal pay is ambitious, but what has Colorado already done to ensure workplace equity?READ MORE
canceling student debt
2020 Policy Proposals: Warren's Plan for Student Debt
Canceling student debt seems like a promising solution, but what would Senator Elizabeth Warren's plan mean for Colorado? READ MORE
long-term care
2020 Policy Proposals: Sanders on Long-Term Care
The way older Coloradans pay for long-term services and supports isn't working. Sen. Bernie Sanders thinks there's a way to fix that.READ MORE
2020 policy proposals housing affordability
2020 Policy Proposals: Harris, Warren, & Booker on Housing
Renting and homeownership have become more expensive in Colorado than any other time in our history. How will the 2020 Democratic candidates address it?READ MORE
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