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Checking In: Asset Building Legislation in ColoradoWith the Colorado legislature winding down, let's look at legislation moving to help Coloradans build assets and wealth.
colorado housing legislation
Checking In: Colorado Housing LegislationRead an overview of housing legislation in the 2019 session and the potential benefits for Coloradans and the future of our economy.
A Step Toward Increasing Health Care AffordabilityWith the passage of bills like HB19-1004, state legislators are taking meaningful steps to address health care affordability in Colorado.
Checking In: Workplace Equity Legislation in ColoradoWith the Colorado legislature winding down, what have they done so far to increase workplace equity in the state? We take a look to find out.
future of work legislation
Colorado Prepares for the Future of WorkMany Coloradans are still unprepared for the jobs of tomorrow. To address this skills gap, state legislators have introduced several bills that could improve access to education and training to meet workforce needs.
Student Debt Legislation in Colorado
Checking In: Student Debt Legislation in ColoradoThe Colorado legislature has just passed the three-quarters mark of the 2019 session. What's it doing to address student debt issues in Colorado?
colorado budget
Perils, Pitfalls, & Processes of Prioritizing a Limited Colorado BudgetThe Colorado budgeting process is less a tale of collective ability to invest in keeping Colorado competitive, and more a continued lesson in the limits of prioritization.
costs to families
SB19-173 Studies: At Least $155 ROI For Every $1 SpentDespite some sticker shock, the cost of the studies actually pales in comparison to the $155 million or more in potential savings if proposed plans successfully increase retirement savings.
By the Numbers: Colorado Workers in Low-Wage JobsNew Bell analysis shows which Coloradans stand to benefit from changes to local minimum wages. Read our findings now.
What’s the Real Story on FAMLI?We’ve heard lots of reasons why SB19-188 won't work, but the facts show why this is best way to provide paid leave in Colorado.
Paid Family & Medical Leave In ActionFAMLI and similar programs throughout the country tell us much about what paid family and medical leave will look like in Colorado.
Trump's Overtime Proposal Won't Help Many PeopleThe Trump administration's proposal for raising the salary threshold to receive overtime pay doesn't go far enough and won't help enough Coloradans.
two-gen bills
The Shared Responsibility of Paid LeaveShared responsibility used to be the social contract between employee and employer — pensions, raises, and other benefits were the norm — but that contract has eroded.
Make No Mistake — State Higher Ed Funding is DownMany Americans are unaware of large-scale government funding cuts to higher education systems.
funding LTC
A New Way to Fund Long-Term CareLong-term care is expensive, and only growing costlier. Across the country, states are exploring new ways to make it more affordable.
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