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funding LTC
A New Way to Fund Long-Term CareLong-term care is expensive, and only growing costlier. Across the country, states are exploring new ways to make it more affordable.
tax credits for paid family & medical leave
Tax Credits: The Wrong Approach for Paid LeaveA survey from Ernst and Young shows fewer than 40 percent of employers would offer paid leave if tax credits were put in place
groundhog day colorado tax policy
Colorado Tax Policy: Is This the Year We Get it Right?Like a stunned Bill Murray marooned in Punxsutawney, Colorado wakes up each year condemned to solve an elusive financial puzzle.
Colorado economic trends
5 Economic Trends to Watch in 2019Projections may show Colorado's set to grow in 2019, yet several challenges are still ahead. The risk of a recession is low, but if the forecasts are wrong, they're likely to be too optimistic.
Lessons on Aging from MargaritavilleWhat can Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville teach us about aging? Turns out a lot.
colorado's future bell policy center
Focusing on Colorado's Future: What Our New Leaders Must DoWinning an election is only the beginning. Now is the time to get things done to help Coloradans thrive. Here are a few places to start.
Colorado Fab Five
The Colorado Fab Five Won on Progressive Platforms, Not Wedding PlansColorado’s success depends on embracing the incredible potential of women like the Fab Five and the issues they fight for, not their wedding plans.
401k retirement
On Its 40th Birthday, the 401(k) Shows Its AgeWhile the 401(k) gave employees greater control over their retirement funds, it also shifted more of the burden and risk to them. It's time to adapt the model for a modern workforce.
college public supports bell policy center
Recommendations for State Policies to Help Students SucceedSystemic racism has contributed to the racial wealth gap in our country, which has significantly impacted the educational and financial challenges faced by many non-white students and households.
colorado women future of work
The Future of Work: Implications for Colorado WomenWith more Colorado women in positions to lead state policy, there's a real chance for issues affecting whole families to be elevated in ways that address the demands soon to be compounded by the economy of tomorrow.
proposition 109 college tuition student debt
In a Recession, Prop 109 Leads to Higher College TuitionWhen an inevitable downturn hits and state revenues head south, legislators will have to find funds to balance Colorado's budget. They'll likely turn to a familiar source — college students and their families.
aging adults & grandchildren
Aging: What Nobody's Talking About This ElectionThe outcome of November's election will shape how our state and local communities support our older adults and all those who both care for and rely upon them for many years to come.
Colorado Voters
7 Things Colorado Voters Should Know This YearColorado voters have some big decisions to make, but don't worry! Keep these seven things in mind as you're filling out your 2018 ballot.
colorado older adults
Colorado's Commitment to Older AdultsA new state-supported initiative offers an important tool to spur local innovation and mobilize resources to create livable communities for Coloradans of all ages.
Fix Our Damn Roads is a dead end
‘Fix Our Damn Roads’ Will Crush Our Damn Budget No matter how clever its name may be, "Fix Our Damn Roads" only threatens to blow up our economic position and put our state in a fiscal hole. 
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