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TABOR ruling
Vision 2020 Responds to TABOR RulingFor too long, TABOR has forced Colorado into tolerating decaying infrastructure, an underfunded education system, and high tuition costs even though our economy is among the best in the nation.
aging policy agenda
Help Us Create an Actionable Aging Policy AgendaState action needs to ensure Coloradans can age in a way they find meaningful. That's why we're creating an aging policy agenda and want your feedback.
Cut Taxes, Raise Revenue: Can Illinois' Tax Plan Work for Colorado?Illinois is proposing a new tax plan that will help fund important investments. What should Colorado take away from this conversation?
2020 Policy Proposals: Gillibrand on Paid Family & Medical LeaveBoth presidential hopeful Sen. Gillibrand and Colorado leaders are moving forward with impressive plans to provide paid family and medical leave.
federal minimum wage
2020 Policy Proposals: Federal Minimum WageDemocratic candidates for president have coalesced on raising the minimum wage. What has Colorado done on this issue and what does the research say?
Gov. Polis signs Secure Savings
With Gov. Polis' Signature, Saving for Retirement Just Got EasierThe Bell applauds the work of the legislature and state treasurer for taking this critical step toward finding a solution to Colorado’s retirement crisis.
pay equity
2020 Policy Proposals: Harris on Pay EquitySen. Kamala Harris' plan for equal pay is ambitious, but what has Colorado already done to ensure workplace equity?
gig economy colorado
Colorado Must Lead on the Gig EconomyGig workers are not entitled to benefits and protections, according to the federal government. Colorado has an obligation to lead the way and help workers.
2020 Policy Proposals: What We're FollowingWith so many presidential candidates working to make their presence felt, it makes sense they're sharing new and dynamic policy ideas on economic mobility.
2gen policies
Colorado's Nearly 2Gen PoliciesWe have some of the building blocks in place, but Colorado is still not a 2Gen state.
canceling student debt
2020 Policy Proposals: Warren's Plan for Student DebtCanceling student debt seems like a promising solution, but what would Senator Elizabeth Warren's plan mean for Colorado?
2019 colorado legislative session
What Happened: The 2019 Colorado Legislative SessionEconomic mobility was front and center this session, as the conversation focused on ensuring opportunity, making Colorado competitive, and helping everyone attain the Colorado way of life.
colorado economy, colorado wages
Despite a Strong Economy, Colorado Wages Barely Outpaced Inflation in 2018CDLE data point to wages that continue to grow slowly, and show average workers aren't benefiting as much as economic numbers might suggest.
High Insulin Costs Are Literally Killing PeopleInsulin's sky-high prices mean insulin-dependent diabetics are resorting to dangerous and potentially deadly practices as a result.
A Boost for Our Caring WorkforceAs Colorado ages, we must do more to ensure we have a strong workforce capable of caring for our older loved ones. SB19-238 moves us in the right direction.
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