Fair Lending and Asset Building

Fair Lending & Asset Building

Fair Lending & Asset Building


The Racial Wealth Gap: A PrimerDespite some progress on racial equality since the 1950s, America's economy lags behind. Has our country really grown more inclusive and equitable?
colorado retirement crisis
Colorado's Retirement Crisis: Updated Data & AnalysisNearly one million Colorado private sector employees in their prime working years don’t participate in a workplace retirement plan. Learn more with our latest data and analysis.
2018 legislative session
The Predatory Lending LandscapeAs more states prohibit egregious interest rates, consumers are saving money and avoiding long-term financial pitfalls like bankruptcy. While Colorado has made significant progress, it’s imperative we don’t let our guard down in this new environment.
colorado women future of work
The Future of Work: Implications for Colorado WomenColorado's economy depends on working women, yet Colorado women cannot depend on our current workplace policies, regulations, politics, and societal norms.
Wealth & Income Inequality Colorado Briefed by the Bell
Briefed by the Bell — Wealth & Income InequalityDid you know the top 1 percent takes in 16.6 percent of all income in Colorado? Find out what we can do to address rising inequality in Colorado.
predatory economy, briefed by the bell
Briefed by the Bell — Predatory EconomyThe predatory economy is at work in Colorado. The question now is what will our policymakers do to stop it?
Colorado Middle Class Families
Colorado Middle Class Families: Characteristics & Cost PressuresA new study highlights a scary truth: Achieving a middle class lifestyle is impossible for most Colorado families with actual middle-income levels. Read the full findings now.
student loan servicers
Testimony: Support Regulating Student Loan ServicersAs a member of the Financial Equity Coalition, the Bell supports HB18-1415 because it offers greater oversight of student loan servicers in Colorado, which will aid in preventing predatory practices and improving the economic mobility for the 56 percent of Coloradans with student debt. 
Oppose HB18-1057: An Alarming Change in Debt Collection ProcedureNow is not the time to give debt collectors an unprecedented short cut that undermines privacy and involves the state in private matters.
colorado secure savings plan
Testimony: Colorado Secure Savings Plan Offers Coloradans Retirement SecurityIn our 2016 study, we found almost 900,000 Colorado private sector workers in their prime working years are not participating in any type of retirement savings plan at work. The Colorado Secure Savings Plan could change that.
retirement in colorado
We Need to Talk About Retirement in ColoradoWhether you're just starting out or getting closer to the end of your career, saving for retirement must be a priority for all Coloradans.
student loan predators
Colorado Can Stop Student Loan PredatorsOutstanding student loan debt now totals $24.75 billion across the state, outpacing all other debt outside of mortgages. Adding insult to injury, federal student loan servicers often operate deceptively to collect on these debts.
security freezes
Testimony: Support Security Freezes on Consumer ReportsThe recent Equifax data breach, in which thieves stole the names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, and addresses of 147.9 million Americans, makes abundantly clear the need to better protect our most sensitive data.
Predatory Payday Lending in ColoradoBuilding wealth is difficult enough, but high-cost lenders, check cashers, and pawn shops that offer predatory loans strip families of savings and make economic mobility even harder.
Guide to Economic Mobility in ColoradoWe can raise the economic floor, build a diverse and thriving middle class, and embrace innovation in Colorado, but we need facts and ideas to change our trajectory. This guide provides just that.
building assets
Building Assets Key to Economic MobilityWhile income determines how families meet basic needs, building assets is one of the key drivers to help families move into the middle class and build a stable and prosperous economic future.
Infographic: Millennials, Money, & DebtMillennials are living paycheck to paycheck, making saving and paying down debt not an easy task.
Financial Protection and Empowerment
CFPB Forced Arbitration Rule Protects ConsumersWithout the CFPB forced arbitration rule, power will remain with big banks and Wall Street. With it, the CFPB rule will hold bad actors accountable and send a strong signal to other firms to not follow suit.
Testimony: Support HB17-1290 to Create Colorado Secure Savings PlanIn a 2016 study, we found almost 900,000 Colorado private sector workers in their prime working years are not participating in any type of retirement savings plans at work.
Testimony: Preserve & Strengthen Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices ActThe most effective way to ensure that Coloradans are not hounded for debts they do not owe, have contested, or paid off is to require debt collectors meet a “proof of debt” standard before attempting any collection action.