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Key 2018 Colorado Budget Takeaways

Colorado’s growth will only translate into inclusive prosperity for all Coloradans when we are able to beat back the voices insisting we do more with less.  

A vintage illustration of a woman and a child looking alarmed at a large shadowy hand, shaped like numbers, on the wall, hinting at the presence of the Big-Number Boogeyman

Beware the Big-Number Boogeyman

Too often, Colorado’s most extreme conservatives use these oversimplified statements as if they are some kind of thunderclap in the raging debate over our state’s finances. It's a particular line of attack I call the “Big-Number Boogeyman” argument. 

Analog wall clock showing a close-up of the hands and part of the clock face, symbolizing Colorado's Fiscal Time Bomb.

Colorado’s Fiscal Time Bomb

Barring some change at the ballot box, we won’t help more parents afford child care or better schools or more accessible college and postsecondary programs. We’ll continue to scratch our heads at why we don’t have nicer services and infrastructure. Our state will continue to spend too little to help working families succeed.

Welcome sign at the Colorado state border, featuring a futuristic automotive design.

Opportunity Squandered

While we welcome highly educated entrepreneurs to our state, we are failing our own children and middle class workers who struggle every day to get by.

A simple stick figure with a quizzical expression and three red question marks above its head, encapsulating the "Answers We Need" theme of 2017.

Answers We Need in 2017

As the Bell Policy Center heads into 2017, we will remain committed to a strong and vibrant cycle of opportunity for all Coloradans. We’re adapting that commitment to new realities that require us to reframe the questions that drive our work.

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